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Points will be posted by no later than noon on Wednesday following a points race.  If there is a multiple-day points race, i.e. Computech/Bill Mitchell Shootout, please allow one additional day for tracking.  Vacation Points may be emailed to the MIR Office at cmiller@mirdrag.com.   Be sure to include your name, vehicle number and the day in which you want the points to be issued by 12:00 noon on Monday following a points race.  Vouchers received after that time will not be posted until after the next points race.  If vouchers are turned in before, during or after a non-points event, they will not be posted until the next points event.   Vacation Points must be received within two points events from the date they are intended in order to be posted.  For more information regarding the Points System, please view the Points Program under Class Rules/Info.



As of Sunday, June 9, 2002

Next Points event for this class: 08/18/02
Toyota of Waldorf Wild Street
IMSTAR World Import Series
Season Points Standings
1) 248 5010 Brian Kirchberger
2) 171 6118 Matt Miller
3) 155 6175 Jim Palezynski
4) 118 5040 Brian Schreiper
  118 6399 Ray Wilson
6) 110 6389 Dominique Thorpe
7) 89 6337 Logan Sung
8) 56 5365 John Duarte
9) 55 5053 Manny Damplias
10) 44 6195 Ron Lambertson
11) 43 6349 Hung Nguyen
  43 6381 Michael Littlejohn
13) 43 6125 Paul Rivera




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