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  2011 MIR Legends Hall of Fame Inductee


Race Team

The Quartermasters Racing Team has always stood for the best things about a car club at the track -- the camaraderie, the fun, and the support of fellow racers. But it’s the impact away from the track that elevates this team to Legend status.

The more than 30 members of the Quartermasters all love drag racing, but they are also committed to helping the younger generation become productive members of society. These role models have successfully met the goal of motivating children through drag racing, using numerous programs that help to mold young lives. These include the following:

Career Days: Programs designed to encourage Maryland and District of Columbia public school students to stay in school. Quartermasters speak to students about the role a quality education plays in drag racing and the positive affects it has had on the lives of its members.

Race Against Drugs: In affiliation with the National Race Against Drugs program and the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Quartermasters work toward the goal of motivating children to remain drug free.

Junior Dragsters: The Quartermasters involve kids through a very successful Junior Dragster racing program. Children learn how to set and achieve long term goals as they participate in a championship from March through August, culminating in a championship race where the children win plaques, trophies, pens, and certificates.

National Event Meetings: The Quartermasters sponsor bi-annual trips for public school students to attend national drag race events. The main focus is to enhance interaction between children and positive role models. These trips provide the students an opportunity to personally meet and talk with their favorite drivers and to experience the full flavor of the sport.

But in addition to all these good deeds, the Quartermasters have always been serious racers. Their team members have been part of the fabric at MIR for many decades. The faster cars in the club have helped to make MIR the place to be for special events, with strong outlaw doorslammer and supercharged altered entries over the years. And the Quartermasters regularly duke it out MIR’s legendary bracket racing action.

The bottom line is that the Quartermasters are family. MIR is proud to be associated with the outstanding men and women of the Quartermasters Race Team!



Stan Proctor has maintained and raced automobiles with great satisfaction and enjoyment for more than forty years. Many awards and accolades have been received over that period of time, one being voted "Quartermaster of the Year". Currently, Stan derives great pleasure from driving his restored 1961 Fuel Injection Corvette to cruise ins and car shows. Highest on his list of priorities, is sharing his good fortune with others, by way of displays, seminars, conferences and one-to-one interaction whenever he is given the opportunity to do so. He believes that automobiles and drag racing can bridge many barriers created by society.

Retired Cpl. David Proctor, a 45 year old, Twenty one year veteran Prince George's County Police Officer, husband of Twenty five years, father of two children (Kristen age 23 and David Jr. age 21.) A man who grew up with love, guidance, and support of two strong parents seriously involved in professional auto racing. David began as an avid motorcycle lover, competing successfully in the motocross circuit, years later moving on to motorcycle drag racing and then to the amateur bracket car racing. Dedicating himself to his family and law enforcement career Cpl. Proctor moved out of the drivers' seat. Resigning himself to his fathers' pit crew where he remained until 1992, he then developed and designed The Law Man, Inc. (non profit organization). Becoming very disturbed by the violence and neglect he saw in his encounters with children, Cpl. Proctor felt a desire and long overdue need to help all children, particularly those unfortunate enough to have been directly affected by parents and family members involved with illegal substances. Searching for a "vehicle" which would gain the attention of youngsters and adults alike affording him the opportunity to communicate a positive message was the easy part for Proctor. Contacting his father, "Wild Buck" (of the once popular Wild Bunch Racing Circuit), Cpl. Proctor conveyed his idea to build a race car (painted and decorated to resemble a police cruiser, equipped with working emergency lights, and bearing the "Say No To Drugs" slogan) which would be used attract people of all ages. He further discussed his plans to take his race to community affairs, primary and secondary schools and church functions (anywhere he could to get involved with children.) As a father of two first, a police officer second and an avid auto racing fan always he can speak on various issues of interest to the children. His approach is simplistic, yet genuine...making a difference. The work began...Proctor and his father modified and restructured the 1988 Super Gas Monte Carlo fiberglass body to meet his specifications. Through hard work; many countless hours, days, weeks, and months the search for assistance began. Preparing letters requesting sponsorships and meeting with business owners he negotiated for financial support or services. Presently a new "The Law Man2" racecar is in the developing stages.

Cars, trucks, and trains have been an interest to me from an early age. The sound of a motor did then, and still does today get my attention. In the late 60’s the cars were hot and everybody I knew was going to the drag strip. Some of the older guys in the neighborhood took me and some of the other young “wannabe’s” to the drag strip and that’s all it took for me to get hooked. While overseas in the early 70’s (England), I met some other guys who were also drag racing; hooked up with them and it felt better than before, but something was still missing. When my family and I returned stateside in 1975 my Dad had a 1973 Dodge Dart that he hated, and that was my way in. I purchased the Dart from my father and started cruising around in my Dart. Changed a few parts, and on a regular basis started street racing anywhere I could. Over time responsibilities lead me to bracket racing at the local tracks where safety was and still is important.  I also attended several National events (NHRA, IHRA) as a spectator, with a question in my mind…how could I fit in at a National Event? In answering that question, I have been competing in the 10.90 Heads-Up Class of IHRA and NHRA since the late 80’s.  There’s no question I love drag racing, and still today the sound of a motor, be it a car, truck, or train motor, still excites me like it did when I was a kid.

Frank Slater was born on September 3, 1940. He retired from Potomac Electric Power Company after 34 years of service on July 1, 1998. Frank began racing at Aquasco Speedway for trophies, which he won many. In 1970, he ordered a 1971 Dodge Demon with a 340 engine from a Chrysler dealer in Waldorf, MD. He named the car Mr. Demon and had many 1st place wins. Frank would race on his lunch hour and after winning, he would have to leave the car and the money for his son Calvin and friends to take home for him. (Aquasco Speedway and Pepco properties are joined together.) He has owned four race cars, all of which are Mopar's. His present car is a 1980 Plymouth Arrow which was featured in the May 1995 High Performance Mopar and March 1997 cover of Bracket Racing Magazine, thanks to Francis Butler. His grandson Delante Breen was the only family member to travel all over with Frank, since Delante was eight years old. Now he is eighteen and is driving the Arrow as straight as an arrow. Frank has been a member of the Quartermasters for only a short time and feels that it has certainly been great! He enjoys doing activities for and with kids. He believes in keeping them "on the right track" and encouraging them to say no to drugs! This is only one of the many activities that the Quartermasters are all about.

Al Reid was born on May 23, 1941. He is a retired federal employee enjoying all that life have to offer. Al started racing at the young age of 16. His initial interest began because of his love of automobiles and their workings. He chose the 1/4 mile because of the competition of two cars. Al owns one race car that bared his birth sign "Gemini" as its name. Al travels frequently with the club, assisting friends and other members whenever he can. This past year he made anywhere from 20-25 local, national and international events. Al found the Quartermasters through former club members and friends. He join the club to stay active and involved in the sport of drag racing. One of his major contributions to the club is his willingness and ability to cook at club events. He is also, available whenever the community call for support in school functions and parades.

Darrel "DOOLEY" Jackson was born in Washington, DC on January 22, 1963. By age 5 he realized his life's dream - "to grow up to be a race car driver". NASCAR racing was Dooley's first love, however, as the years progressed, he came to understand that drag racing was more inexpensive and a sure-fire way to fulfill his dream. His first memories of the track were at Budds Creek in 1979 at the Mountain Motor Nationals where he saw guys like Scoot Shafiroff, Craig Hennige and the "Whooppee Car", the "Virginia Gentlemen", and the "Proud American" - all drivers that he spent countless hours emulating. Dooley's first car was a '68 Pontiac Lemans that he rebuilt and street raced on Pennsylvania Avenue. In 1981 duty called and Dooley went into the United States Marine Corps for the next four years. During that time, he continued to go and see races at places such as Coastal Plains in Jacksonville, Kenston, and Goldsboro. After returning home from the Marine Corps, he purchased an '83 Mustang, but not for the purpose of drag racing, although this soon became the first car that Dooley raced at Capital Raceway in the Trophy Class. Shortly after, he began racing motorcycles. He then purchased a '72 Nova which again was intended to be a street car until a close friend, Marcus Wright, coaxed him into racing full time at the track. Originally it ran mid 13's. A few modifications later, Dooley had the car running as fast as 11.50. With the irresistible need for even more speed cruising through his veins, Dooley bought a '72 Pinto that was powered by a small block chevy, of course. He ran this car in bracket races as well as in National Meets. Dooley joined the Quartermasters shortly after its inception in 1989. The greatest benefit for Dooley in being a Quartermaster has been the ability to learn more about cars and racing from the vast knowledge and experience levels of its members. He will be forever grateful to the Quartermasters for their continued guidance and encouragement throughout the years.

My attraction with automobiles started out like most car enthusiasts. When I was a teenager I dismantled the engine from an old car one of my Uncles had in the woods behind his house. I don’t even remember what type of car it was. I just remember the excitement I got out of figuring out how the engine was put together and then “REVERSE ENGINEERING” the process of taking it apart. 40 years later, I still use those skills in my day job as an engineer for an Aerospace company designing parts for satellites. Today, I have traded in SOME of my wrenches for a computer that I use to design and analyze components for my “NEXT” automotive project. Still deciding between another roadster racecar or a highly modified street car to cruise around in. In the mean time, I keep busy helping other team members with their racecars when I’m not playing golf. I build my own clubs and have designed a few custom putters. I really enjoy wiring and plumbing racecars and have started to absorb as much knowledge as I can about what I think is the next “MILESTONE” in drag racing—ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION. I also spend endless hours behind my computer thinking of and designing that next “GOTTA HAVE” part that every racecar will need in the future.

John Douglas (Mr. Beans) Mr. Beans love for drag racing started in 1968 with a 450 Honda motorcycle. Since then he has owned and raced several cars which included a Mercury Comet, Chevy Impala, and a Mustang. He currently owns and races a cressman high tech dragster. Determined to go faster, he made extreme changes to his new shafiroff 555 Chevy power plant this past winter to ensure a 7 second ET in the quarter mile. He is anxiously awaiting the start of the 2006 season to see if all of his efforts are going to pay off. John has been an active member of the Quartermasters Drag Racing Team since June 1998. He participates in all of the team events held throughout the community each year, but “career day” is his favorite. This event is held at several elementary schools throughout the Prince Georges and Charles county public school districts. John agrees with Proverbs 22:6, “if you train a child in the way they should go, and when he/she is old he/she will not return from it.” He views this event as an opportunity to “train” the children for that purpose. He retired in 1999 from the federal government and is currently driving for a local trucking company part-time. When not working he enjoys playing with some of his toy’s racing, riding his Honda 1000 gold wing motorcycle hand dancing ,watching old westerns, going to Dover Downs to play the slots. When the rush to much for the old man he take the motor home out to a nice camp ground to relax and unwind. Everyone in the family is a part of is racing endeavors in one way or another and is very supportive of his racing career. His grandchildren are the “apples of his eyes” and they keep him on the go. Mr. Beans has been the recipient/winner of trophies, certificates, bracket finalist, subject of newspaper articles, and monetary awards throughout his racing career and he plans to continue the winning streak this racing season as well.

Paul Christian, better known as “Pop” was born April 2, 1954. Pop began racing at the early age of 16. He became interested while watching some older friends race their cars. He chose the 1/4 mile because it was closer to where he lived and all the other guys he knew had drag cars. Pop owns a 1973 Dodge Colt. He tries to make 4 or 5 National events and a lot of smaller events in other states each year. Pop was one of the first 3 guys to make-up the QUARTERMASTERS. He was interested in racing and they were interested in him racing his car, so he joined.

John D. Swann "JD" was born and raised in Charles County, Maryland by two wonderful parents, Theodore and Peral Swann. He is a Heavy Equipment Operator at Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC). He became interested in racing at the early age of 21. He began his "need for speed" and love for cars in a 1965 Chevy Impala. It was a 4-speed, 327 motor, his first to be built by "Buck Proctor." Since then, Buck has built at least four more motors for him. JD chose to join the Quartermasters for the same reasons most join. It's their demonstrated commitment to kids, the community and a real feeling of comradely with fellow Quartermasters. He has traveled most of all the events they have put on and really enjoys competing with all the other racers. Another one of the "heartbeat" in his life right now is a 1980 Chevy Camaro, bright orange, a 477 cubic inch, and named "YO-YO." It has gone 9.50's, but the new car is a 1986 Chevy Camaro and it has gone 8.30's at 165 mph, and he hopes to improve on that time in the years to come.

Andre Meade was born in Washington D.C. on December 31, 1958. He later moved to Prince George County. His memories of racing cars are when he use to race cars on V Street in Washington D.C. back in the later seventies. Andre has a passion for trucks and cars. He is a self-employee truck driver. Andre has always had a love for big trucks especially freightliner trucks. At nineteen, Andre brought his first Mustang, a 1983 and pursue many others. But the 1979 black Mustang (a beauty) was his love. He has a love for Mustangs. Andre can always strike up a conversation about racing with just about anyone, especially his brother Tony Meade. In addition, Andre owns a 1997 Race Tech Dragster "Chucky" named by his friend, David Washington who is also into racing. In 2007 Andre, won Super Pro in Colonial Beach, VA for drag racing. Also in 2007, it was an honor for Andre to be voted by the Quartermasters Racing Team to be a part of the team.

Gordon has owned his 1968 Chevy pick-up since 1983. He has done numerous alterations and modifications and made it to fit the “pro street” category. It is lowered 4 inches in the front and 3 inches in rear and has a 12 bolt-narrow Chevy rear. It has 14 1/2 inches wide rodlite weld wheels in rear with 185031 by 15” street-wide tires on the rear. P225 by 15” tires on draglite wheels on front. Has 22 inches wheel tubes. Has a small block 406 Chevy engine. Between wheel tubes is a 20-gallon aluminum fuel cell. Gas is supplied to engine by a Barry Grant mechanical fuel pump. Engine has a victory-two aluminum in-take with a 850 double pumper Carburetor. Transmission is a 400 turbo with shift kit. Has a turbo action cheetah shifter. Have hooker competition headers with 2 1/2 inches tubing. It a “3 inch” exhaust system with 40 series flow master mufflers. Has Chevy van high back rolling-pleated seats. Has homemade console with cup holders. Truck has run 13 seconds in a quarter mile. In addition the truck has won numerous trophies in various car/truck shows. Gordon enjoys cursing around and driving to and from the race track in the truck.

David "Snowman" Snowden Sr. was born in Washington D.C. on February 26, 1967. He later moved to Upper Marlboro, Maryland. At the age of five his love for cars and mechanics evolved. David took auto mechanics in high school and follow up his education at the Diesel Institution of America. He started engineering his own car from the axel up at the age of fifteen. He began racing a 1970 Volkswagen dubbed Kinky Green in the summer immediately following high school graduation (1986). He's frequented many local tracks such as MIR (Maryland International Raceway), Capital, Maple Grove, 75-80, RIR, Beaver Springs, Winston Salem, Manassas, Cecil County, and many more. Dave has placed 2nd at Maple Grove, 1st place at Manassas Bug Out 61, 1st and 2nd at Beaver Springs, 3rd at Cecil County, and many more feats. Snowman is one of the newer members of Quartermasters Racing Team and is reveling the time he gets to spend with like minded motor heads such as himself.

Tony was introduced to cars at a very young age, but did not start racing until he was 18 years old, with a 67 ford mustang that he drove on the street. He began racing at Aquasco and 75-80 raceway, in heavy eliminator. While running his 67 mustang he began working at Performance Engineering, which was a shop that specialized in working on race cars. While working at Performance Engineering, he learned that his Mustang was much more expensive to race than a Chevrolet. He then purchased a 68 Camaro that he currently still races. He drove his 68 Camaro back and forth to work as well as to the track, to run in heavy eliminator. He later began running pro et, when he decided to take his camaro completely off the street and turn it into all out race car. Throughout his racing career, he has had numerous hot rods, but none could measure up to his pride and joy Camaro. In the early 90’s, Tony began running NHRA sanctioned events in Super Street. Not to long after, he moved up from Super Street to Super gas, but eventually returned to Super Street. In addition to driving his own car he also found time to drive and tune other Super Gas cars. Always having an interest in Stockers, in 2002 he purchased a 69 Nova that he would one day run in stock. The car was completely gutted and needed to built from the ground up. Tony and his Son after a year had turned this gutted out 69 nova into an astonishing E Stock Automatic 69 Nova, which his son began to drive. This was the start of LRJ Racing. Today, his racing career that started with 67 mustang, has now evolved into LRJ Racing, Father (Tony) & Son (Layton) campaigning two cars, a 68 Camaro (The Chosen) and a 69 E/SA Nova.

Larry was born and raised in Brandywine, MD on September 1, 1959. Larry became interested in cars at an early age then he started building model cars at the age of 9 yrs. old. He started building bicycles and racing guys in his town. He started going to the drag strip in the early 70's with his uncle James E. Adams known as Dicky Adams. The first car he had was a 69 Z-28. He ran the streets of Maryland until he broke it up. After graduating from Gwynn Park H.S., he went into the U.S. Army as a tank Mechanic. Then he retired after 22 yrs. of service as a (SFC E-7). After retiring from the Army, he got back into drag racing with a 72 Vega then he moved up to a 95 dragster. Larry is currently working for P.G. Public schools as a Mechanic 1. Then he decided to join the Quartermaster's Racing Team.

Linwood Morris graduated from West Phila High in 1972. He purchased his first car, a 1967 Volkswagen beetle, in 1973. It wasn’t long before he started making changes to go faster. Linwood has been in the automotive industry for over 35 years. He has also been married for over 35 years. Has owned over 20 to 30 cars and trucks. He also street raced for over 25 years .And he has raced every one of them. Linwood was running nitrous and a b/m blower on his street cars in 1980....Now he travels around talking about the dangers of street racing and how It Is much safer on the race track......He gave up his racing for 6 years while his now 17 year old son raced Jr dragsters, appearing in the news paper over 40 times and winning over 30 trophies. When not racing Linwood is ,going to car shows, family picnics, automotive tech schools, automotive tech colleges, appearing in some of our state senators parade and picnics, .Now for the last 2 years Linwood has owned and raced 2 s10 trucks, and 3 dragster ..Now he is staying with a dragster, a 1990 s/w 200 inch wb sbc running on 93 octane gas @ 9.10 ET in 1/4 mile.

Ivan Newman with his 1971 Ford Pinto has teamed up with his long time friend and racer; Walter Gordon from Alameda, CA. Walter has purchased two 1979 Ford Mustang’s, Trick Pony and Trick Pony II. Ivan will be driving Trick Pony and Walter will be driving TPII. The Mustang’s will be kept at Ivan’s stables in Warwick, MD, where they will race predetermined high dollar races and at Walters’ favorite tracks. He will come to the east coast and they will join forces to buck the competition. Ivan just recently won the Memorial Day Shoot Out 2010 Foot Brake Race at Colonial Beach Dragway with Trick Pony!

Over the course of his life, cars have been Willie’s passion and racing his avocation. Even before graduating from Spingarn High School in August, 1957, he was a member of the DC Speed Shifters in 1956, and he started modifying cars in 1955. He did his first engine swap in 1958. Since childhood, he has had a love of cars and bicycles. He put a DeSoto hemi in a 1955 Plymouth in 1959, and while he was overseas in the Air Force, he modified two cars in Newfoundland. He raced a 1955 Chevy, “Hump 2,” from 1963-1965 with a partner, Elmer Whiting. From 1967-1977, he raced three different cars at Aquasco, Capitol, Budd’s Creek, Cecil County, and Colonial Beach: a ’67 Firebird, a ’69 Camaro, and a second ’69 Camaro, until doctors stopped him from racing. After he was honorably discharged back to the United States in 1961, he worked at a variety of jobs, among them nursing attendant and fireman at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, in the fire department at National Airport, and in the auto repair shop at National Airport, where he remained until leaving to open his own speed general repair shop in 1973. The gas crisis of 1973 forced him to close the shop, and he returned to National Airport in 1976, where he worked as a mechanic and Roving Crew Leader in the Sheet Metal Shop until his retirement one day after turning fifty-five in 1994. He now actively pursues his hobby of restoring a 1939 Buick, which he started before having quintuple bypass surgery in 2008. Willie has three children, Willie Henry Lee, Crystal Baltimore, and Terrance Edwin Clifford Lee. The boys have made him the proud grandfather of seven granddaughters, Demia, Halie, Calia, Terri, Faith, Hope, and Joy, who adore their “Gran’daddy.” He and his wife, Barbara, want to take more time to travel, to enjoy the grand children, and to continue reveling in the glory of his love of the automobile and his active membership with the Quartermasters Racing Team.









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