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  2012 MIR Legends Hall of Fame Inductee


Freeman Brothers
Eddie Freeman: January 18, 1950 - March 8, 2007
Racing Team

The Freeman Brothers were perhaps the most popular doorslammer racers at a track that LOVES its doorslammer racing, Maryland International Raceway. Driver Vernon, crew chief Eddie, and promoter Johnie had a gigantic fan base and truly could run with the very best in the business.

In fact, when the Freemans raced their all-motor 1968 Camaro during the MIR Mountain Motor Nationals, they usually ran well enough to qualify in fields populated by the top professional Pro Stock racers in the world. The only thing keeping them out of the fields was the body style of their race car. The Pro Stock category has a strict five year body rule (from the current year), which left their 1968 Camaro illegal, but which left their fans screaming even louder when they ran quicker than the pros!

The Freeman Brothers have raced at MIR since 1968. For years, there was no such thing as a doorslammer race without that sinister black and red Camaro in attendance. But their on-track performances were just a part of their appeal. The Freeman Brothers were huge men with oversized personalities to match! The annual Mountain Motor Nationals always kicked off the same way, with the Freeman Brothers participating in a time-honored starting line ritual. The race had always been billed as "The Race where we throw away the rule book," indicating that racers could stuff in the biggest motors they could at the lowest weight possible (within the bounds of safety).

Each year, the skit kicked off with track owner Royce Miller taking a rule book out to the starting line to inspect the first pro car ready to go down the strip. He would "consult" the rule book and attempt to measure the car for "rule infractions." To the crowd's delight, Eddie Freeman would stride out to the starting line and engage Royce in a lively exchange, which always culminated in Eddie removing the rule book from Royce's hands and throwing it as far away from the starting line as he could. The MIR crowd ate it up. Eddie passed away in 2007, and Royce Miller made the decision then that this popular tradition would end with Eddie.

The Freeman Brothers show didn't end on the starting line. Once the racing began, their demeanor turned decidedly serious and they did everything they could to take the win. Eddie made horsepower that rivaled the top crew chiefs in the country, and Vernon muscled that horsepower down the MIR 1320, often using up every inch of the surface side to side as he rode the romping, stomping Freeman Bros. Camaro to another win.

The Freeman Brothers raced throughout Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina, but they always came back home to MIR. And as the racetrack that has the best doorslammer fans in the world, it's only fitting that this team of the biggest and baddest doorslammer racers joins our esteemed list of Legends. Welcome home, Freeman Brothers.



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