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  2013 MIR Legends Hall of Fame Inductee


Joe "Woody" Woods
Legendary MIR Racer

Joe "Woody" Woods has been racing at MIR since it was here. His first race at the track was a monumental one -- MIR's first match race in July 1966! The match was a Ford versus Chevy affair against Mousie Brown. Joe was a Ford man in those days and his '63 Ford with a high rise 427 put Browns's 409 powered '62 Chevy on the trailer! From that successful start, Joe Woods went on to enjoy many more wins and two track championships, one at Aquasco in 1983 and another at MIR in 2006.

Joe raced 10 different cars over the years, from his A/Modified Production Ford to his current Camaro. All his cars featured cartoon nicknames, which endeared him to the fans as much as his winning ways. His early Fords were called "Sleepin' Henry" and "Uncle Remus." Since 1983, however, the name of his Chevys became an obvious choice: "Woody Woodpecker." His highly successful '74 Vega carried that name and his new Camaro carries on the popular tradition.

Joe's favorite part of racing is the fun and camaraderie among the racers. He recalls, "We had a lot of fun no matter what type of racing. From class racing to bracket racing, I was THERE!" As far as Joe can remember, he didn't miss a weekend at MIR from the time he started until his racing career ended. And he still makes it out to the track as often as he can.

Joe's wife, Alice Marie, who passed away in June 2010, always said he was crazy to race so much, but she never tried to stop him. Joe got his son, Joe, Jr., involved in the sport, too. Joe Jr. has been a successful racer himself as he carries on the family name at MIR.

Joe was just as involved in cars away from the track. He started pumping gas in his hometown of Hughesville and then took a job running the gas station up on Short Cut Road in Brandywine, Maryland. Joe worked there until his retirement in 1983. After that, he raced a lot and enjoyed it.

Joe gives a lot of credit and thanks to Frank Kirby, who he said was instrumental in his 1983 track championship.

Despite nearly 50 years of racing at MIR, Joe Wood's favorite day at the track remains the day he beat Mousie Brown at the track's first match race. Woody recalls, "Mousie was some kinda mad, but I didn't care!"

From that first match race win to his track championships to his week in and week out dedication to the racing program at MIR, Joe Wood has exemplified the spirit of competition and fun in drag racing. That is the mark of a true drag racer, and that makes him a true Legend of Budds Creek.



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