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  2014 MIR Legends Hall of Fame Inductee


Francis Reynolds Jr
Francis "Pop" Reynolds
Legendary MIR Racers

Pop Reynolds began racing at MIR on the second weekend the track opened in 1966! Pop raced nearly every weekend from then until several years ago. He usually ran Fords. Pop has said that, “I only ran other brands when a Ford was not available." Pop’s love of Fords went back to his childhood in the 1920s. His son Francis tells the story of Pop having three uncles who worked on the farm. One had a Chevy, one had a Dodge, and one had a Ford. When it got really cold outside, the uncle with the Ford had to pull the Chevy and the Dodge to make them run. Pop made the decision then and there that he would always have a Ford! Pop worked at the service station at the corner of Route 234 and 301 for years. He never won the MIR track championship, but he won a lot of races. When asked what he is doing today, Pop says, “As little as possible! Hey, I’m, 93 and still going strong!”

One of Pop’s biggest contributions to MIR was his son Francis! Francis Reynolds started racing at MIR 45 years ago! He started in 1969 as soon as he got his license. Francis raced his 1961 Ford Ranch wagon and then Pop’s new 56 Ford the next year. In 1971, Francis bought his trusty Ford Maverick. That’s right – the same car you see him racing today! Francis bought the car at Aldridge Ford, modified it, and towed it to Colonial Beach that same weekend!

Francis has seen great success in the Maverick. At age 24, he won the 1977 NHRA Division I Bracket Finals in Heavy Eliminator. He then followed that up with the 1978 MIR track championship in Heavy. Francis has a wall full of trophies earned over a lifetime of hard racing.

During the day, Francis is a school bus driver and he's been doing that for 13 years. He's also a mechanic in his own shop during the day. Francis would like to thank David Hall at D&G Custom Specialties in Leonardtown, who has been his main sponsor since 1989.

Pop and Francis Reynolds form the type of racing family on which successful drag strips are built. After decades of weekly racing, both men also consider MIR racers and staff part of their family. And it continues: Francis’s daughter Molly has the bug now and is looking to continue the Reynolds legacy into the future!

Pop and Francis Reynolds, MIR Legends!



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