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Pete Nebel

Pete Nebel has been working at MDIR since 1974. He also did a fair share of racing in between! Tod Mack and Larry Clayton hired Pete after meeting him through the dealership where he worked -- owned by former MDIR track owner Bill Cairns. Pete started in the water box and soon moved up to the role of tech inspector. Pete next took on his longest continuous role -- that of drag strip starter. Pete was the MDIR starter for about 12 to 15 years, his longest tenure in any one position. Pete Nebel "floated" from one job to another at MDIR to ensure that everything was covered. He did whatever could be done. When Royce Miller took over operation of MDIR, he asked Pete to sell parts and continue taking care of needed positions as required.

One of Pete's special memories was the first Midnight Madness race -- Pete and the team were still checking cars into the track at 4:30 in the morning! They were still coming in the gate. This was one of Tod's clever ideas because the track insurance policy 24 hours at a time. So Tod was able to get two race days in for one insurance fee. Back then the Midnight Madness competitors were true street cars. Competitors drove their cars through the gate and trailers were unheard of.

Pete Nebel went through the entire evolution of MIR since it started. His wife Cora took care of things inside the tower and Pete took care of things outside the tower. He first came to the track in 1966 back when it was St. Mary's Dragway. As far as his racing career, Pete started helping other racers but then got a 1966 Chevelle race car. The Chevelle ran 12.50 ETs at the time. Pete soon moved to a street legal Vega with a V8 conversion small block. And then he built a big block Vega for Super Gas racing, followed by a 1983 Camaro. Pete had about 10 cars over the years, right up to his current Top Dragster.

Pete's son Todd drives that car now. In fact, Pete would just as soon work on cars as drive them. Pete did once race for a two Datsun 240Z as the prize. He and three others got to the final four. None of the racers wanted the car, so they split the money four ways! Another time, Pete ran for a Corvette. But at this race, he lost in the first round to none other than Royce Miller! Pete did win Super Pro at one of the Mountain Motor Nationals events -- scoring a great $1300 purse! When he arrived home, Cora asked him why he was so late. Pete just tossed the winnings on the table and said there you go!

Pete adds, "The reason I've worked here all these years is for the racers. I know what they went through and I wanted to help change things for the better. I don't see myself stopping anytime soon."

I think most would agree that Pete Nebel has absolutely changed MIR for the better with his involvement over several decades, And we look forward to Pete's contributions for years to come. He is truly a Legend of Budds Creek. As Pete says, "There's no end in sight!"



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