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Adam Polikoff and Bradley Tippett Pick Up
Big Wins at $10K/$2K Poker Bash


August 27, 2012


Press Release courtesy of:  Robert Parlett


Maryland International Raceway once again hosted the annual $10K/$2K Poker Bash giving local racers in both Top and Mod ET a shot at a big payday. Even with threatening weather in the forecast for the whole weekend, over 200 racers from around the area made the trek to Budds Creek in an effort to have a big payday. On Saturday in Top ET, with just 7 cars remaining in 6th round, Mike Nelson Jr. found himself as the lone door car left in competition. Nelson was drawn for the final bye run of the night, since four cars would come back for the semi-finals. Duane Marquess and Tommy Cable squared off first. The race was over early, when Cable lit the red bulb with a -.004 light, but Marquess was going to be really hard to beat regardless, throwing down a .011 package against the former track champ. Next Adam Polikoff kept up the tight package theme when he put together a .012 package, leaving Edward Hunnell no room at the stripe after he was .012 on the tree. The final pair of the round featured former track champ, Wesley Washington Jr. and Richard Jelich out of Baltimore. The race was over quickly when Washington turned it -.002 red, sending Jelich to the semi-finals. In the semi’s, Nelson and Jelich faced off. Both drivers were .014 on the tree, but Nelson prevailed in his Camaro when Jelich gave it one too many rips at the stripe giving the finish line back by just .002. In the other semi match up, Polikoff got around Marquess when Duane took a little too much stripe and broke out by .004, sending Polikoff to the finals. In the final, Polikoff was nearly perfect on the tree with a .001 light. Nelson missed the tree a little with a .028. At the stripe, Nelson got there first by .006, but had to breakout to overcome the starting line disadvantage. Adam Polikoff is more of a part time racer these days, only making a few appearances at the track each year, but he proved on Saturday night it doesn’t take long for him knock the rust off. Maybe picking up a $10,000 paycheck will get him back to MIR more regularly.

In Mod ET, Bradley Tippett was able to work his way through 8 tough rounds of racing to pick up the $2,000 check at the end of the night. In 6th round, Mod was down to 5 racers. Tippett was drawn for the bye and the automatic berth into the semi-finals. Janet Baden of Millersville, MD faced off with Bob Weller in his ’79 Chevette. Baden got the big holeshot in her ’70 Nova by more than .040, and was able to hold off Weller at the stripe for the round win. Next up, Nicole Talbert took on Clayton Garber. Nicole had taken over the points lead from her father Ed with her 5th round victory. Nicole got the easy win over Garber when he turned it -.018 red. In the semi’s, Janet Baden was drawn for the bye, which pitted new points leader Nicole Talbert against another top 5 points runner, Bradley Tippett. Neither driver was stellar on the tree, but Tippett had a decent advantage with his .056 light to Nicole’s .080. Nicole broke out big time taking the stripe, handing Tippett a spot in the finals. In the final, again neither driver really knocked the tree over, but Tippett had a big holeshot with his .045 light. At the stripe, both drivers ran dead on, but Tippett picked up the win based on his starting line advantage. With the win, Tippett moved to 3rd in the points, behind Nicole and Ed Talbert. Frank Thompson Jr. and defending champ Joe Goldey are tied for 4th, just one point behind Tippett.

In Juniors, a bunch of top 10 points contenders were battling it out in the late rounds Saturday. In the quarter-finals, 2nd place points runner, Brad Keyton faced off with Robert Estevez who sits 3rd in points. It was over quickly when Estevez turned it red handing the round win to Keyton. Next up, Adrianna Estevez faced off with Jacob Mattera. Adrianna currently sits 4th in points, while Jacob is tied for 6th. Jacob got the slight holeshot but took too much stripe, breaking out .020, and handing the win over to Adrianna. Blair Buckler, who is 8th in points faced off with JD Walker. Both drivers were ready on the tree with Blair posting a stout .006 light. JD cut the tree just a little too tight, and turned it -.003 red handing Blair the easy him. Ray Snoots got the bye to the semi’s. In the semi’s Ray Snoots and Adrianna Estevez was the first pair up. Adrianna got a little lucky with this one. She was .118 on the tree but Snoots was way red in the other lane, turning it -.031 red. Adrianna ran dead on her dial, giving her confidence in the car heading to the finals. Brad Keyton and Blair Buckler squared off in the next pair. Keyton got the advantage over Buckler with his .044 light Keyton’s .092. At the stripe, both drivers were playing the game, with each driver killing several mph, but Keyton was still able to take the stripe and move on to the finals. In the finals, both Estevez and Keyton stepped up their game. Keyton was good on the tree with a .023 light, but was still behind with Adrianna cutting a .010 beside him. Keyton had a little room to still take the stripe but got behind by .010, handing the win to Adrianna. With her second win of the year, Adrianna moved to 4th in the points. Currently, Christopher Mattera still has the lead with Brad Keyton in 2nd and Robert Estevez in 3rd. Corey Maloney sits behind Adrianna in 5th.

In Motorcycle, it turned out to be a battle of the families. The Davies from Virginia, and the Proctors from Maryland squared off head to head in the semi-finals. First up, Matt Davies raced Anthony Proctor. Although the lights weren’t that great, it turned out to be a really good race. Davies had the slight advantage on the tree, by .007 and both riders ran .010 over their dials, putting Matt Davies into the finals by his narrow .007 holeshot. In the second pair, the always tough Shayne Proctor faced off with Clay Davies. This one was over quick when Shayne pushed a little too hard on the tree and turned it -.002 red. But he may have had trouble regardless with Clay being .012 on the tree and close to his dial. In the battle of the Proctors and Davies, the Davies came out on top this time. The final was really good race for the Davies family. Clay got the slight jump by .004 with his .020 light to Matt’s .024, but Matt was able to run .006 closer to his dial and take the stripe by a mere .002 for his first win of the year at MIR. Jeff Sweeney still maintains the points lead with Devin McLain and Jimmie Miller tied for second. Jermaine Proctor and Kenny Colbert round out the top 5.

Weather put a halt to things midway through first round Sunday. The staff at MIR tried to hustle through the time runs and rounds as fast as they could, but Mother Nature intervened. A light rain fell for several hours, keeping racers off the track. The racers voted to stick it out for a little while longer and see what happened, but the weather system stalled over the track and race officials had to make the call to cancel the rest of the event. Next up for the ET racers is a $5,000 to win Top ET race this weekend at Jet Wars. Labor Day weekend features a Speed Unlimited ET Series race on Saturday followed by the Quartermaster’s Challenge on Sunday. The first of two Autofab Raider ET Series weekends come to MIR on Sept 8 and 9. Congratulations to all the winners from the weekend.




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