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Congratulations to "The Dash" Speed Unlimited
2012 Championship Playoff Qualifiers


September 26, 2012



The Top 10’s have been set for the  “The DASH” Speed Unlimited ET Series Championship Playoffs.  Points have been reset according to your finish (see below) and the 3 remaining 1/8 mile ET races in October will be The Dash Playoffs (October 6th and the 2 Raider Challenge races on October 13-14th).

While points will only continue for "The Dash" qualifiers, all racers are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the final three events. 



“The DASH” Speed Unlimited ET Series Championship Playoff Program

  • FREE Points Enrollment the first time you purchase a tech card at any points earning event - it's that easy!

  • Top & Mod ET will each have their own eleven race 1/4 mile and eleven race 1/8 mile points systems.
  • To qualify for “The Dash Playoffs”, the racer must finish in the top 10 in points in their respective class.
  • Points will count for all re-entry cars and bikes.
  • Mulligan racers brought back in the race will only earn the additional points for each round won. Points for any and all rounds missed are not eligible and will not be applied to your total.


“The DASH” Playoffs

  • All Top 10 Dash Playoff Qualifiers will start Playoffs with points based on their finish in the regular season (see below).

  • Top & Mod drivers that qualify in both 1/8 and 1/4 mile points will carry over their highest position into the Playoffs.

  • Points will be earned the same during the Playoffs as they were during the regular season. All Top 10 racers will run eliminations along with all other racers during each of the 3 Playoff races. No special parings will be held.

  • During the Dash Playoffs in October, only the Top 10 racers will earn points toward the MIR Championships. Of course everyone will earn points for the Raider ET Challenge during that weekend.

  • "The Dash Playoffs" will be held at the final Speed Unlimited ET Series on October 6th and the Autofab Race Cars Raider ET Challenge on Sat & Sun, October 13-14.

  • If a race is rained out and rescheduled, the Playoff points would continue on the rescheduled date. If a rained out race is not rescheduled, the Playoffs would be shortened to just the completed races.

  • Tie breakers will not be used for qualifying for the Dash Top 10's.  Any group of qualifiers tied for the same position will all receive the same points values assigned to that position.  For example, if two racers are tied in second place, then both racers will receive 1,050 points each.  Also, if more than one driver is tied for 10th place, all drivers in the tie will qualify to go into the playoffs.  For example, if 4 drivers are tied at 10th, then all 4 drivers will receive 1,000 points.



Starting Points for the Top 10 Playoff Qualifiers

1) 1,070   6) 1,020
2) 1,050   7) 1,015
3) 1,040   8) 1,010
4) 1,030   9) 1,005
5) 1,025   10) 1,000

Example: In Top and Mod ET, both the 1/4 mile and 1/8 mile first place finishers will start the Playoffs with 1,070 points each. Both the 2nd place finishers will start with 1,050 points and so on through the Top Ten. If a racer qualified the same number in both 1/4 and 1/8 points, he would start the Playoffs with the higher points position. The other position would remain empty - helping his chances to a championship by eliminating a racer from the playoffs. If a racer drives and qualifies 2 separate cars on both the 1/8 and 1/4 mile, he would start the Playoffs with the highest finish with each number. In the event of any ties the ET Series tiebreaker system would be used to determine winner or higher position.

1st Driver with the MOST POINTS RACES WON during the current season
2nd Driver with the MOST POINTS RACE RUNNER-UPS during the current season
3rd Driver with the MOST SEMI-FINAL ROUND APPEARANCES in points races during the current season
4th Driver who PLACED HIGHER POSITION IN DASH PLAYOFFS POINTS during the previous season
5th Driver who PLACED HIGHER POSITION IN REGULAR SEASON POINTS during the previous season  (1/8 or 1/4)




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