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Rojas/Drummond Take the Titles at the Snap-On Racing Superchargers Showdown


September 26, 2012


Press Release courtesy of:  John Mazzorana

September 22, 2012 a day that will live in history as one of the best PRO MOD fights ever held on the east coast. Neither the Boxing Heavy Weight Championship of the World, nor the Cage Fighting Championship could hold a candle to the exciting race presented by the NorthEast Outlaw Pro Mods at MIR. Competition came from as far away as Canada and Puerto Rico to compete in this racing version of hand to hand combat. The only difference was that the racer used their 3000 plus horse power cars verses fist, knees, elbows etc. The two fighting /competing car classes were split into Blower/Turbo and Nitrous. The ring was a quarter mile of unimaginable traction and speed. The contenders were some of the fastest blower, turbo and nitrous racers in the country fighting for the total $ 29,000.00 purse including contingency awards.

The bouts began on Friday night with contenders/racers two rounds of qualifying followed by a small party and lots of trash talk. On Saturday the qualifying rounds continued with several cars suffering a few major and minor injuries resulting in some breakage before eliminations bringing the car count down to 27. When qualifying was completed you knew that this was going to be some unbelieveable match. Fred Scrba captured the number one slot on the Nitrous side with a 5.98 with Gary Courtier just behind him with a 6.06 at 237 MPH. On the Blower/Turbo side the side at the top was really crowded with Steve Drummond 5.97, Tim O'Hare 5.991 and Eric Latino ( Canada) 5.998 in the top three slots. The spectators knew that they would be seeing two great racer walking away with the Championship and the BIG DOLLAR PAY OUT. Wow the anticipation and excitement in the crowd was palpable. AND THERE IS MORE...

SOME NOTEABLE Blower / Turbo HIGHLIGHTS...Angels Ray cuts some lights (be careful she is good), Eric Latino is a real tough competitor running in the 5.90s and likes racing with us, Jimmy Barker ran his best ET 6.11 and said he was just playing, Dwayne Wolfe is consistently fast 6.06 to 6.11 and expects better, Gary Walker built and drives a P/M bracket car 6.08 to 6.13 and faster, Jim Bersani found the combination and back in the low 6.20s ( he will go into the 6.0 range shortly). An extra special note, GERRY CAPANO WENT TO THE SEMI FINAL RUNNING HIS BEST EVER 6.22 and may have done better but hurt his engin and later broke his hand...we're proud of you Gerry.

SOME NOTEABLE NITROUS HIHLIGHTS...Gary Courtier Team is catching up running 6.06 at 237 ( another five second contender ), Jeff Rodgers went a 6.22 on his second time out, Kramer/ Woods team is getting faster running consistent low 6.20s but occasionally hurting stuff, Todd Fontana one of the fastest and most consistent cars had transmission issues. Nick Montana and Matt Deitsch continue to be running into bad luck ( hurt motors ). Isaias Rojas, Fred Scriba, Dean Marinas read below.


Eliniations started on time...5 PM with the track on kill, racers anxious to kick butt, crews performing their training/tuning magic and spectators ( about 8-10,000) cheering the fighters on. The rounds were filled with excitment and some surprises... Isaias

 who had been struggling ran a 6.01 @ 233MPH and Dean Marinas ran a 6.16 @ 225 in the Harry Pappas car. The most excting races of the evening came in the finals of both classes. This was real mano a mano (hand to hand ), kick um in the gut all out fighting with some of the best drag racing ever seen. Let me give you a ring side seat version. In the Nitrous Championship bout you had Fred Scriba in one corner and Isaias Rojas in the other. They left the line with Isaias RT .038 vs Freds .083. It was a close door to door, fender to fender race with Isaias running a 5.93 @ 234 MPH wining $ 6,000.00 purse against Freds' 6.03 @ 236 MPH taking runner up money. The good news for Fred Scriba is that his consistent year long performance locked up the 2012 Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods Nitrous points championship.


On the Blower/Turbo side the finals were even more AMAZING. Steve Drummond's beautiful 2008 twin turbo powered Mustang and Tim O'Hare's consistent and great looking 68 Camaro Blower powered cars were staged. This Championship round would be a good one as both cars were just about even. From the sarting line you could see the spectators on their feet. Steve ran an amazing 5.966 @ 242 ( winning $ 6,000.00) with a .014 reaction time wining to Tim's unbelievable R/U 5.967 at 238 MPH with a reaction time of .078. What a race ...the spectators that were on their feet and went wild. Tim and Steve are very serios compeditors/rivals.Last year Tim was our champion and this year is the first time that a Turbo car entry ( Steve Drummond )has won the 2012 Northeast Outlaw Pro Mods Blower/Turbo points championship.


Thank you to all our fans, spectators, MIR and especially our sponsors.

Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Sponsors: American Racing Headers, Star Transporters (Renegade ), Good Years Racing tires, Moroso Racing Products, Jesel Valve Train, Ram Clutches, VP Rcacing Fuels, Barker Racing, Tim O'Hare Custom Homes, Scriba Welding, Split ROck Racing, Gary Courtier Custom Builders




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