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Top, Mod & Jr Dragster Racers - Sign Up Today for the 2013 IHRA Summit SuperSeries at MIR!


February 6, 2013


The IHRA Summit SuperSeries remains one of the most prestigious and financially rewarding programs available to the ET racer. This is your ticket to qualify for the Summit World Championship with over $240,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs!

Registration is FREE if you're an IHRA member, and non-members can purchase a special SSS membership for just $65 for Top and Mod and $45 for Jr Dragster. When you register, you will be issued your SSS "X" number. Again for 2013, you must use your assigned "X" number on your car. Summit SuperSeries points do not start until you receive your number from IHRA. It's quick and simple to sign up, just give IHRA a call at 419-663-6666 or go to ihra.com.

We will track who is leading the Summit SuperSeries points in each class throughout the year. On the points sheet between the drivers name and the total points is a column with an "A" or "N" beside each entry. The "A" means the driver is (A)ctive in the Summit SuperSeries, the "N" mean they are (N)ot-Active. You must sign up with IHRA for the Summit SuperSeries within two weeks of earning your first points at MIR. If you've already earned points for more than two weeks and wish to sign up, your MIR track points will reset to the total of your two prior races. In other words, you can’t earn MIR points for weeks or even months and then choose to sign up for the Summit SuperSeries.

The final day of points to qualify for the Summit SuperSeries will be Saturday, August 24th for Top & Mod 1/4 mile points and Saturday, September 7th for Top & Mod 1/8 mile points and J/D. There will be a one-run runoff on the 1/8 mile between the 1/4 mile and 1/8 winners in Top & Mod. This runoff will be held at the first MIR Raider ET Challenge on Sunday, September 8th. The winners of the 1/4 mile vs 1/8 mile runoff for Top & Mod and the highest points earner in Jr Dragster will be the MIR Summit SuperSeries Champions. They will then move up the ladder to the divisional runoffs. The divisional runoffs will be held at the IHRA Summit Bracket Finals at Piedmont Dragway on October 4-6. Then, the divisional winners will move up to the national runoffs on Saturday, October 12th at the IHRA World Finals held at Memphis International Raceway. Any Summit SuperSeries monies paid to the track will be split between the two Top & Mod ET Runoff Qualifiers.

Don’t delay...call IHRA today and register for the Summit SuperSeries. MIR has already had two drivers make it to the national championship finals, and you could be the next world champion coming out of Budds Creek!

2013 Summit Super Series Special Dates

APRIL 7, 2013
First day of points with two races for each class

AUG 24, 2013
Final day to qualify for the Summit Super Series MIR Runoff for 1/4 points

SEPT 7, 2013
Final day to qualify for the Summit Super Series MIR Runoff for 1/8 points

SEPT 8, 2013
Summit Super Series Runoff at MIR for points leaders in Top & Mod in 1/4 & 1/8 mile

OCT 5, 2013
Summit Super Series Divisional 1 Runoff at Piedmont Dragway during Team Finals

OCT 12, 2013
Summit Super Series National Runoff at Memphis International Raceway





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