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Cockrell, Spicer, Herman and Snoots Win 2013 Speed Unlimited ET Series Season Opener


April 10, 2013


Press Release courtesy of:  Robbie Parlett

After what seemed to be an endless winter, well over 100 racers were on hand for the 2013 season opener of the Speed Unlimited ET Series at Maryland Int’l Raceway. With months of preparation and anticipation behind them, every racer was looking to start the season off with a win. Junior Dragster was the first class to crown a winner. Ray Snoots of Mechanicsville took home the first Iron Tree of the year in Junior Dragster. Snoots took down Michael Hankinson in the quarterfinals. Snoots used a .017 light to get a big jump on Hankinson who proved himself last year as very tough competitor in the Junior Dragster ranks. Robert Estevez and Louie Estevez would join Snoots in the semifinals. In the quarter’s, Robert took down Hunter Levin on the strength of a holeshot with his .034 light, and Louie won a very tight race over JD Walker. Louie and JD were separated by just .001 on the tree, Louie’s .025 to JD’s .024, but Walker took just a little too much stripe breaking out by .001 handing the round win to Louie. In the semifinals, Louie and Robert Estevez were paired up after Snoots was drawn for the bye. With a .026 light to Robert’s .025, Louie once again found himself in a very tight race. And once again he was able to come out the victor, running dead-on his 7.92 dial, while Robert broke out .013 taking just .014 at the stripe. Louie had used an impressive string of constant and good lights, .003, .031, .024, .025 and .026 to make it to the finals where he would face off with Snoots. But in the final, Louie pressed the tree just a little too hard, turning it -.018 red to Snoots who picked up the automatic win, for the first win of the year.



The next class to crown a winner was Motorcycle. Michael Herman Jr. of Woodbridge picked up the first Iron Tree of the year and ended the day with the points lead. Herman got past Anthony Proctor in the quarter finals, when Proctor turned it -.011 red. Mac McAdams would join Herman in the semi’s after his opponent, defending Motorcycle champ Jimmie Miller, turned it red. Robbie Hunnicutt, who recently moved back to the area after chasing the Pro Mod Bike series with the ADRL, was making a nice return to his home track, moving to the semifinals by putting together a very nice .026 package together to take down Mike Schulz. Jermaine Proctor, who was a threat all year in 2012, got the free pass to the semi’s with the bye. In the semi’s, Herman faced off with Hunnicutt. Hunnicutt, who challenged for many championships in years past, was proving he hasn’t lost a step in the bracket racing world. But in the semi’s, Hunnicutt turned it red, sending Herman to the finals. There, Herman would face off Jermaine Proctor who, in the semifinals completely missed the tree, but luckily got past a red-lighting Mac McAdams. In the finals, Proctor once again was late on the tree, and Michael Herman had a huge holeshot with a .055. At the stripe, Herman was able to take just .013, running nearly a tenth over his dial, while Proctor broke out nearly a tenth trying to make up the starting line disadvantage. Herman used his two best lights of eliminations in the semifinal and final rounds of the race to pick up the first win of the season at MIR.



In Mod ET, Bart Spicer was able to drive his familiar blue ’72 Nova to the winner circle on the strength of several very good lights. Spicer was able to string together a .008 in first round re-entry, another .008 in round 2 and a.014 in round 3. In the quarterfinals he matched up with Allen Wathen. Again, Bart was good on the tree with a .035, but was slightly outdone by Wathen who was .034. Spicer was able to run dead on his 9.64 dial, leaving Wathen very little room to take the win. Wathen took the stripe by .017, but had to break out .009 to do so, sending Bart to the semi’s. Johnny Burch moved to semi’s with a win over a red-lighting Jake Milstead, and Dean Harmon moved on to the semifinals, on the strength of his .010 light, taking down Bobby Mattera. Mike Jackson was the guaranteed 4th semi-finalist with the bye. In the semifinals, Bart got past Harmon, when Harmon turned it -.003 red. Mike Jackson would meet up with Spicer in the finals, when he took down Burch on the strength of his .027 light in his semifinal matchup, setting up an all Chevy Nova final for the two former track champions in Mod. For Jackson, it was a great start to the season. After battling many mechanical problems for all of 2012, the 2008 Mod ET champ was excited to be back in the late rounds. The final was over quickly, as Jackson jumped the gun and turned it red, handing the win and the early season points lead to the 1996 Mod ET points champ, Bart Spicer.



Finally in Top ET, there were some very unusual occurrences in the late rounds. In the quarters, Mike Cockrell was able to survive a tough double breakout race with Bert Lewis. Bert got the jump, with a .008 light to Cockrell’s .021, but Lewis took too much stripe against Cockrell’s hard charging ’72 Nova, handing the round win to Mike. The next pair found Casey Cole in his ’87 Camaro against last year’s points runner-up Bobby Spence. Spence got the slight jump on the tree with his .016 light to Cole’s .025, but killed just a little too much at the stripe, giving the stripe back to Casey who was able to overcome the starting line disadvantage running just one over his 9.80 dial. Will Kivett moved on to the semifinals with the bye. Then, in what has to be one of the oddest runs ever seen in a bracket race, Casey Cole and Will Kivett matched up in the semifinals. Casey, who had been battling cooling issues all night, was once again plagued by temperatures, this time on the starting line. As the pair tried to stage, Casey’s car backed out of the beams several times due to a hot transmission. Casey, in only his second full year racing in Top ET, kept his calm, and somehow managed to get and keep the car staged, and then was even able to hit the tree really well with a .010 light. All of the staging issues for Cole must have had an effect on Kivett, as he was dead late in his dragster, with a .120 light. But then down track, at about the 1,000’ mark, Cole’s parachute deployed, drastically slowing his Camaro and allowing Kivett to make up the huge starting line disadvantage. Kivett killed some ET in the lights, knocking off 6mph, but still broke out, handing Casey the very unusual round win and chance to run in the finals. After the run, Casey was still on the track, indicating there may be some issues with the car. Once Casey cleared the track, Mike Cockrell, just broke the beams to move the finals. Word quickly came, that Casey was done for the night with mechanical issues, handing Mike Cockrell the Iron Tree and the race win.




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