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Adrianna Estevez Cashes In with the
Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragster Pro Purse


May 30, 2013


Press Release courtesy of:  Robbie Parlett

New to the Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragster program at MIR this year is the Pro Purse. For the last few years, Junior racers have raced for a $100 winner’s purse. But this year, a Pro Purse was introduced by the folks at Hubble Motorsports, where any Junior driver can enter the Pro Purse for $10, and the last remaining driver who entered the Pro Purse will collect 100% of the Pro Purse money. This past weekend at Speed Unlimited ET Series race, many of the Junior Dragster racers entered the Pro Purse program. 21 racers in total entered the Pro Purse, bringing the total to $210 for the Pro Purse winner. With such good participation, class and Pro Purse sponsor, Ron Hubble added $50 to the pot to spice it up a bit. Then, Michael Cockrell, of Certified Auto Services, matched Hubble’s contribution with another $50 add on, bringing the total for the Pro Purse to $310, more than 3 times the normal ET Series winner’s prize.


With two consecutive rainouts, this was just the third ET Series race of the year. In the first two events, the Estevez brothers, Robert and TJ picked up the Pro Purse money; Robert with a runner up in week 1, and TJ with the win in week 2. In the third race of the year, both Estevez brothers found themselves in the thick of things once again. Robert picked up a quarterfinal win over Michael Hankinson on the strength of his .018 light. Robert’s older brother TJ got past JD Walkers perfect light when JD couldn’t run the number, sending TJ to the semifinals. Robert and TJ’s cousin, Adrianna Estevez was .007 on the tree and was able to take down Logan Hubble’s dead-on run. Jeremy Fowler completed the semifinal foursome with his quarterfinal bye run. The semifinal parings setup the opportunity for the Estevez brothers to meet in the final for the second ET race in a row. But the other semifinalists had something to say about that. First up, TJ faced off with Jeremy Fowler, the lone semifinalist not in the Pro Purse. Jeremy strapped a .018 package on TJ with his .008 light and an 8.160 on his 8.15 dial which was more than TJ could overcome after being uncharacteristically late on the tree. With TJ knocked out, the winner of the second semifinal matchup would be the sole Pro Purse contestant remaining, adding $310 worth of pressure to the young drivers. The race was over quickly when Robert pushed the tree a little too hard, turning it -.016 red, and handing the final round berth and the $310 Pro Purse money to his cousin Adrianna Estevez. In the final, Adrianna, who missed the tree in the semifinals, once again found her spot and was .028 to get a big holeshot over Fowler who was .115. Adrianna did her job at the stripe, tightening it up to a snug .009 to pick up the win and the $100 winner’s purse for the race, bringing her total to a very nice $410 for the day. The Junior racers will once again have a shot to race for big money in just a couple weeks at the Junior Dragster Open on June 8th.



In Top ET, Will Kivett returned to the winners circle in his dragster using a string of “double oh” lights to make it there. Other than a .074 blemish in round 1, Will was between .002 and .009 from first round re-entry all the way through the final round. In the quarterfinals, Delante Green used a .005 light to drive his familiar blue ’80 Arrow to a win over Pat Estevez, Adrianna’s dad. Mark Mirenzi picked up a quarterfinal win over points contender Bobby Spence and Will Kivett was .007 to take down Wayne Campbell. In the semifinals, Kivett was drawn for the bye, leaving Green and Mirenzi to face off. Delante got the jump with his .013 light to Mirenzi’s .030, and Mirenzi broke out at the finish, taking the stripe, sending Delante to finals to take on Will Kivett. Again, in the final, Kivett was .007 on the tree, but Green was close with a .017. At the stripe, Delante got there by .024 but broke out by a mere .003 handing the race win to Will Kivett.



Jason Kirby followed the same model of consistent lights Will Kivett used to make his way to the Winners Circle in Mod ET. Posting lights of .003, .014 in rounds 2 and 3, Kirby once again was good on the tree with a .013 in his quarterfinal matchup with Brian McLaughlin. McLaughlin was red, but would have had a tough go, as Jason also ran dead on his 9.77 dial. In the semifinals, Kirby would be joined by Bart Spicer who used a .004 light to pick up a tough double breakout win over the always tough George Windsor. The final semifinalist was Bobby Mattera who was .006 on the tree in his win over Steve Cross Sr. who broke out taking the stripe. Bart was drawn for the bye, pairing off Bobby and Jason for a chance to run for the money in the final. Kirby got the holeshot with a .035 to Mattera’s .055 and once again ran dead on his 9.77 dial to take down Mattera’s dead on 9.07 run. The final was a good one between two of the tougher racers in Mod. Kirby got the jump with his .042 light to Spicer’s .055. At the stripe, Kirby got there by just .004, running dead on for the third run in a row, again running a 9.773 on his 9.77 dial, while Bart broke out by .006 trying to make up the starting line disadvantage.



In Motorcycle, Robbie Hunnicutt and teammate Gary Clontz faced off in the finals. Hunnicutt got past the always tough Mac McAdams in the semifinals on the strength of a .016 light. McAdams missed the tree and that was all Hunnicutt needed to move on. Clontz took down Michael Herman Jr. in his semifinal race. Clontz knocked the tree down with a .004 light and that was good enough to hold off Herman’s dead on run. In the final, Clontz backed off the tree after pushing it so hard in the semifinals, and left way too much room for Hunnicutt to get the win. Clontz was .289 on the tree and Hunnicutt had a huge advantage with his .076 light. At the finish line, Hunnicutt slowed by more than a tenth picking up the easy win on his Suzuki.

Congratulations to all the weekend's winners, the Speed Unlimited ET Series resumes on June 8th with Junior Dragster Open, and the full Speed Unlimited ET Series.

Also, congratulations to our very own...



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