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Team Womp and Stomp Wins 4th Annual Team Challenge


July 3, 2013


Press Release courtesy of:  Robbie Parlett

Since 2010, MIR has hosted a Team Challenge at an ET Series race. The Team Challenge gives a normal bracket race the feel of a Bracket Finals race. For 99% of the season, each racer is primarily concerned with how they are doing individually, and not really focused on anybody else. But with the Team Challenge, racers have someone other than themselves to pull for. Again this year, Royce Miller decided to host a 100% payback Team Challenge to give racers something else to race for. The format is simple, each team picks a unique name, and track officials do their best to keep teammates from having to run each other. A team consists of, up to, 8 racers. They can all be from one class, or spread out over several or all classes. The teams are picked in the pits by the racers themselves. Each round win by any driver on a team is worth 1 point to the team’s total, and whichever team has the most points at the end of the day takes home 70% of the Team Challenge purse, with second place taking the remaining 30%. This year, 6 teams joined the fray, and at the end of the day, Team Womp and Stomp stood at the top.

Team Womp and Stomp took a unique strategy in the Challenge. They were the only team to have all team members in the same class. All other teams spread out over at least Top and Mod, and a couple incorporated some Juniors on their team, but Womp and Stomp consisted of only Top ET racers. All 8 of their team members made it through first round. Then Matt Smith was knocked out by Jake Milstead of Team Swingin’ Ricks in round 2. Also, Will Kivett from Womp and Stomp went down in round 2, to Adam Polikoff from Team Help Me. John Ziakas, the lone door car on Womp and Stomp went down in round 2 as well to Brian Niedomanski, leaving Womp and Stomp with 5 cars headed to round 3. The only team member to go down round 3 was Bruce Hensley, who suffered a broken header on the burnout and couldn’t make his run against Polikoff. With 4 cars in 4th round, Womp and Stomp was in great shape to take over the points lead in the Challenge and start to distance themselves from the other teams. In 4th round, Womp and Stomp lost two more racers, as Candi Derry went down against Team Happy Happy Happy member John Dustin and Dale Smith turned it red to John Myers. Heading into the quarterfinals, Bobby Spence and Ricky Harbaugh still remained for Womp and Stomp. Harbaugh got a bit of break win Team Winlight’s Michael Shoop turned it -.004 red. Harbaugh missed the tree with a .059 but still picked up the win and point for Womp and Stomp. Next up Spence took on John Dustin. Spence got the jump with a .017 light and ran dead-on 1 to take down Dustin who broke out. The two Womp and Stomp teammates would be joined by David George in the semifinals as he put a .010 package together to take down John Myers in the quarterfinals. As for the Team Challenge, the title was clinched with the two quarterfinal wins by Womp and Stomp team members Spence and Harbaugh. In the semifinals, George was pulled for the bye, pitting teammates, Harbaugh and Spence against each other. In a tight race, Harbaugh picked up the win by .005 at the stripe, with his .018 package besting Bobby’s .023. In the final, Harbaugh capped off his team’s victory with a victory of his own when got the free pass, after David George turned it -.006 red in the final.

At the end of the night, Womp and Stomp took home the Team Challenge victory with a staggering 23 points. Team members, Ricky Harbaugh, Candi Derry, Will Kivett, Bruce Hensley, John Ziakas, Bobby Spence, along with Matt and Dale Smith picked up 8 more points than their nearest competitor. Team Winlight picked up the second place money, winning the tie breaker with Team Help Me Help Me Help Me. Team Winlight consisted of a gaggle of Matteras, including Christopher and Jacob in Juniors, and Tony, Bobby and Johnny in Mod ET. The team was rounded out with Mod Racer, Mike Jackson along with Top racers, Tommy Norton and Michael Shoop. Team Swingin’ Ricks finished in 4th one point out of second with Team Mexican Leaf Blower finishing one point behind the Ricks and Team Happy Happy Happy finishing in 6th.

Even though the Team Challenge was wrapped up based on Womp and Stomp’s Top ET performance, there was still good racing in the other classes. In Mod ET, Brian McLauglin picked up his second Mod ET win of the season, and second race win of the weekend. McLaughlin won Pro Street on Friday night during MIR’s Midnight Madness series in his gold Mustang and on Saturday he showed up with the Grabber Blue Mustang and picked up his second win of the year in the blue car. In the quarterfinals, Bart Spicer took down Team Help Me’s Doug Wynkoop, when Wynkoop went red. George Windsor of Team Mexican Leaf Blower took down Swingin’ Ricks’ Jake Milstead with a dead-on 4 run. Then McLaughlin took down Chris Wilkinson, also of the Swingin’ Ricks, when Wilkinson turned it red. In the semifinals, McLaughlin matched up with Spicer. McLaughlin nailed the tree with a .007 light, and left Bart with little room after he was .053 on the tree. Bart ran dead-on but was unable to overcome the starting line disadvantage, sending McLaughlin to the finals to race George Windsor. In the final, George got the advantage on the tree by .009 with his .023 light to Brian’s .032, but at the finish line, Windsor couldn’t run his 6.65 dial, running a 3 over 6.686 leaving McLaughlin with just enough room to make up the .009 from the tree and get past Windsor in the lights to pick up the win by a mere .006.

In Juniors, Ray Snoots returned to the Winners Circle. Snoots won the opening race of the season back in April. For Snoots though, for the second time this season, he missed out on the real prize of the day, the Hubble Motorsports Pro Purse. The Pro Purse is a voluntary program where racers in Junior Dragster put up $10 each, and the last remaining racer who entered the Pro Purse gets 100% of the money collected. Snoots didn’t enter the Pro Purse the day he won in April, and once again, he wasn’t in the Pro Purse during Saturday’s race. In each race, the Pro Purse money went to the runner-up. And in Saturday’s case, the runner-up in the race went home with more cash than the winner. Throughout the season, the Pro Purse program has been gaining popularity, and regularly boasts prizes north of $200 or even $300. With class sponsor Ron Hubble of Hubble Motorsports organizing the Pro Purse, and class supporters like Michael Cockrell of Certified Auto Services regularly adding $50 to Pro Purse pot, the Pro Purse is highly sought after in a class where the class winner receives $100 for winning the race. As for the racing, in the quarterfinals, Max Jackson nearly knocked off Team Winlight’s Christopher Mattera. Jackson had a .011 advantage on the tree with his .026 light to Mattera’s .037, but at the finish line, he took just a little too much stripe breaking out .004 with an 8.896 on his 8.90 dial, handing Mattera the automatic win. Ray Snoots then took down AJ Jenkins. Snoots used a starting line advantage to win the races as both racers ran dead-on their dials. JD Walker moved to the semifinals with the bye. In the semifinals, Mattera was drawn for the bye, pairing Walker and Snoots. Snoots picked up the win over Walker, when Walker couldn’t run the number by nearly a tenth, giving Snoots an easy pass to the finals. In his semifinal bye run, Mattera was .008 and ran dead-on with a 6 for a very stout .014 package. In the finals, both drivers were good on the tree with Snoots getting the advantage with his .026 light to Mattera’s .038. At the stripe, Mattera got there first, but broke out by just .002 handing the automatic win to Snoots. For Mattera, even though he didn’t get the win, he did pick up the Pro Purse money, jumped up to 6th in the points, and his runner-up was the tie-breaking performance for his team, Team Winlght, to secure second place in the Team Challenge. All in all, it was a nice day for the defending champ.

Most of the Motorcycle regulars were in North Carolina at the MIROCK event. But there will still enough racers on hand for a nice 4 round race. Troy Hausmann picked up the win over red-lighting Tommie Adams. For Hausmann, it was his second win of the year. Points leader, Jeff Sweeney extended his points lead with a semifinal appearance. Congratulations to all the winners this weekend, including Team Womp and Stomp. The ET Series resumes July 13th during the IHRA Pro-Am Event. The ET racers will be racing for an Ironman in the Ironman Classic.




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