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MIR Repeats as Good Vibrations Junior Dragster
Team Finals Champions


July 9, 2013


Press Release courtesy of:  Fabian Brown



One day a year, the United States of America comes together to celebrate the birth of the land of freedom and the home of the brave. One weekend a year, the best junior dragsters racers come to Maryland International Raceway for their own celebration of family, team spirit, sportsmanship and drag racing. The 17th Annual Good Vibrations Motorsports IHRA Junior Dragster Team Finals presented by AMSOIL clearly had it all. With teams coming from all over the east coast and each driver wanting to claim their own coveted IHRA Ironman, the competition on the track was just as fierce as it was off the track during the traditional Friday Night Water Gun Fight. Since its inception, this event has never been about wins and losses, but about enjoying the sport we all love dearly and having a great time with your family, friends and fellow racers.

Royce Miller and his dedicated team of officials did their absolute best to provide a safe and fun environment for all to compete. The buzz throughout the pit area was about the fun atmosphere created for the "Drag Racing Stars of Tomorrow". The competition got started on Friday night with the Gamblers race. Brad Keyton, reigning AutoFab Raider ET Challenge Junior champion taking the win representing team MIR Team 3 over Allison Lloyd, representing Richmond Dragway Team 3. The action did not stop on Friday night as the Dads Pit Bike race got underway. As the "crew chiefs" on the juniors got to participate in a race of their own for a cash purse, trophy and bragging rights. Mr. Mariner, father of MIR Team 3 driver Kody Mariner took the win aboard his ATV over Mr. Kohr, father of Beaver Springs Dragway drivers Kevin and Kyle.

Saturday's racing action started with a Team Index Competition, as all drivers competed in separate index classes, all while trying to earn points for their respective teams. Using the same scoring format used on Sunday, teams competed for the coveted Pizza Party in an inclusive air conditioned suite in the tower. Round by round the competition was getting tighter in tighter, with Numidia Dragway Team 1 narrowly edging out Richmond Dragway Team 1 and MIR Team 2 with a 1 point victory, claiming the first team competition of the weekend and the first Pizza Party. Joshua Pribble Jr of Northeast Dragway won 11.90 index, Sarah Danner from Beaver Springs claimed 9.90 index, Jordan Dittman from Virginia Motorsports Park claimed her first victory of the weekend in 8.90, followed by 7.90 index winner Brandon Hoerr of Cecil County Dragway claiming the first win of the weekend for the Hoerr family.

Saturday's bonus ET race saw the single largest round 1 participation count of the 2013 season at MIR, with over 150 drivers competing. This second team competition would also award a pizza party in the air condition tower suite, just in time for dinner. The race followed normal MIR weekly procedures separating 8&9 year olds for the first two rounds of eliminations, then merging all age groups together starting round 3. With each driver giving it their absolute best, all involved were on the edge of their seats with each pass down the track wondering where their team stood in the standings. Veteran Michael George Jr of Richmond Team 3 took the win in the finals over US 13 Dragway's Christian Walston. Once again the final standings were decided by a single point, as Richmond Dragway Team 1 edging out MIR Team 1 and Richmond Team 3 by a single point.

The action did not stop their, as the ever popular Wacky Saturday Night Olympics, which has been a staple at this event since its beginning. First on the agenda was the Big Wheels race, designated for all children under the age of 11 who were not competing in a junior dragster. The bye run each round was determined by the driver who was the shortest in height. With competitors as young as 2 years old competing, the drivers staged their big wheels, while the starter counted down before starting the tree, and the drivers racing to the 60 foot mark being cheered on by their friends, family and officials. Your winner was Austin Schaeffer from Capitol Raceway, runner up was Zach Shirkey from US 13 Dragway. Next on the agenda was the Moms in Juniors race, which pitted the moms of the junior drivers competing in their cars. With a couple of the moms having never been down the racetrack before, you could never tell by the close competition on both ends of the track. With a side pro purse also on the line, each race was more and more intense. The win eventually went to Mrs. Dabney, mom of Ken Dabney Jr from Richmond Dragway, over Mrs. Colbert, Tyler Colbert's mom, in an all Richmond Team 2 final. Rounding out Saturday night was the High Rollers Quick 16 race. A $50 to enter race qualifying the quickest 16 cars on the 330 mark, with the win going to Robert Estevez of MIR Team 1, with the runner up being David Light from Northeast Dragway.

Championship Sunday started off with the traditional team photos and highlighting the drivers competing in their final team finals event. Also IHRA and MIR officials voted on the Best Appearing Car, Best Engineered Car, Best Team Spirit and Best Appearing Team. Just as in Saturday's team competition, the votes were extremely close. Jacob Baker from Richmond won Best Appearing Car. Last year's 15-17 year old winner, also competing in her final team finals event Britni Hardesty won Best Engineered Car, Beaver Springs was awarded Best Team Spirit. Capitol Raceway was awarded Best Appearing Team, with a patriotic theme symbolizing the 4th of July. With an IHRA Ironman up from grabs, along with team honors, each driver rose their level of focus to try to master the task at hand.

The 8&9 year old final saw Seth Goddard of MIR Team 2, winning his first ever race over Nicholas Shirkey from US 13 Dragway. The final was even more special as both drivers shook hands in the winners circle following the run. The 10-11 year old final featured Jordan Dittman, in her second final of the weekend, facing off against Alexa Shaffer from Capitol Raceway. This extremely close race went to Dittman, representing Virginia Motorsports Park and winning her second trophy of the weekend. 12-14 year olds saw Willy Hess Jr of MIR Team 1, face off against Cecil County Dragway's Collin Hoerr, whose big brother won 7.90 index the day before. The largest field of the day saw the 15-17 year olds competing for the Ironman. Julie Ainsley of Northeast took on former MIR track champion Josh Phelps, representing Richmond Team 3. Ainsley in her car modeled after drag racing legend Shirley Muldowney, took home the Ironman in the final. With his runner up finish in 12-14, Willy Hess Jr broke the tie for MIR Team 1 as he went the furthest in competition between MIR Team 1 and Richmond Team 1.

On behalf of everyone at Good Vibrations Motorsports, AMSoil, Maryland International Raceway, IHRA and the Miller family, we want to thank all of the drivers and families for coming out and supporting the sport this weekend. As the motto of the event went, "All of you drivers are winners in our eyes and in our hearts. There are no losers this weekend." We hope all of you enjoyed the event and we invite you all to come back later this season and next year for more Junior Dragster excitement and racing.


In the 8-9 Age Group, the Ironman winner is Seth Goddard of Valley Lee, MD who is representing Team 2 of Maryland Int'l Raceway

In the 10-11 Age Group, the Ironman winner is Jordan Dittman of Petersburg, VA who is representing Team 1 of Virginia Motorsports Park

In the 12-14 Age Group, the Ironman winner is Collin Hoerr of Jarretsville, MD who is representing Team 1 of Cecil County Raceway

In the 15-17 Age Group, the Ironman winner is Julie Ainsley of Chesapeake, VA who is representing Team 1 of Northeast Dragway









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