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Another Successful Autofab Raider ET Series
Weekend in the Books


September 11, 2013


Press Release courtesy of:  Robbie Parlett

It was a long weekend of big money bracket racing at Maryland Int’l Raceway this past weekend. The third weekend of the Autofab Raider ET Series came to Budds Creek with big car counts and a lot of racers from MD, DC and VA looking to pick up a big payday. For what seems like the first time all season, the weather looked clear for entire weekend and the racers packed the pits for one of the biggest bracket races of the year at MIR. Although the Raider wasn’t scheduled to get started until Saturday morning, racers put up big money to get in some hi-roller races Friday night.

In Top ET, there were two races, one $200 entry fee race and a $100 entry fee race. The races were structured with a roughly 90% payback to the winner of each race. In the final of the $200 hi-roller, Rickey Nelson found himself lined up with Gregg Platter. Platter got the jump on the starting line with a nice .006 light to Nelson’s .034. Platter did a nice job at the finish line taking just .008, putting together a nice, “double-oh” take “double-oh” run to pick up the win. The win was a great way to kick off Platter’s weekend, putting some cash in his pocket before the main events even got started. In the $100 hi-roller race, two door cars faced off in the final. Ed Talbert, who was footbraking his way through the Top ET hi-roller field, met up with Mark Campbell in his Top Sportsman ’63 Corvette. Talbert was setup tight on the tree, and was looking for his second “double-oh” light of the 4 round race, but pushed it a little too hard, turning it -.008 red handing the automatic win to Campbell.

Mod ET and Juniors also had a hi-roller in each class. In Mod, it was $50 entry. The big winner was Bradley Doss of PA, who picked up the easy win over Steve Bean, who was big time red in his quick Chevy II. Doss made a very nice lap in the final, with a .024 light coupled with a 7.502 on his 7.50 dial. In the Junior hi-roller, it was a family affair in the final. Once again, the Estevez brothers, Robert and TJ would square off for the big bucks in a Junior Dragster final. Back in April, TJ took down his younger brother with a .018 package to pick up an ET Series win and the Hubble Motorsports Pro Purse. But this time, Robert wouldn’t be stopped. Robert got his revenge with a very stout .025 package, turning it .015 on the tree and killing nearly 4 mph at the stripe, running a 7.910 on his 7.90 dial to take down his older brother.


The pits were packed with racers Saturday morning as nearly 8 lanes of Top ET cars made the call for first round Saturday. In the quarterfinals, Mike Nelson made a nice lap in his Camaro with a .006 light and a 5.249 on his 5.25 dial to take down Candi Derry who was -.005 red. Daniel Harris, who won Top ET at the Raider event at VMP, was making another deep run. In the quarters, he was perfect on the tree and although he couldn’t quite run his 4.50 dial, picked up the win over Michael Boswell who broke out taking .036 at the stripe in his ’68 Camaro. Marshall Grooms picked up a quarterfinal win over Bert Lewis. Lewis had the slight jump on the tree with a .011 light to Grooms’ .016, but took too much stripe, breaking out and sending the “Plastic Man” dragster to the semifinals. Bobby Spence won the battle of the black dragsters when he took down Michael Shoop. Neither driver was stellar on the tree, with Spence being .040 and Shoop turning it .035, but Bobby ran dead-on 0 to get the win by just .004. In the semifinals, Grooms picked up an easy win over the lone doorcar remaining, Mike Nelson. Nelson totally missed the tree and that gave the veteran Grooms all the room he needed to move on the final round, and a shot at $5,000. In the other semifinal matchup, Bobby Spence found himself on the losing end of tight race at the stripe this time. Daniel Harris had a .010 advantage on the tree, and even though Spence ran closer to his dial, Harris got to the stripe just .005 in front, sending him to the finals. Marshall Grooms came into the weekend on a bit of a hot streak. He was the runner-up last week at the Quartermaster’s Challenge and he got into the split on Monday’s gambler’s race. Now he found himself in another final, less than a week later. Posting several “double-oh” lights throughout the night, including two .002’s and a .008, Marshall saved his best for last. Marshall posted a perfect .000 light which gave him a big jump on Harris who was .029. At the stripe Grooms killed nearly 3 mph against the hard charging 4.50 dragster of Harris to run a 4.966 on his 4.96 dial, putting together a stellar .006 package in the final to pick up the win, and the big check for $5,000.


In Mod ET, there was a nice turnout of cars. Heading into the 6th round, 6 cars remained. Jess Goodman got past MIR heavy hitter Bobby Mattera in the quarters. Mattera had the better light with a .021 to Goodman’s .044, but took a little too much stripe, breaking out .003 sending Goodman on to the semifinals. Former Raider champ Rocky Pintavalle was having a good day. In the quarterfinals he matched up with MIR regular Francis Reynolds Jr. Francis had a great .012 light to Rocky’s .030 but Rocky prevailed at the finish line. Francis took too much stripe, breaking out with a 7.799 on his 7.82 dial. Francis had a tough task judging Pintavalle, who was closing on Reynolds at more than 25 mph at the stripe. Mike Keyton then took down Darrell Mahoney in a tough double breakout race. Keyton was good on the tree with a .012 light to Mahoney’s .035, and even though Mahoney only took .003 at the stripe, he had to break out to do it, handing the win to Keyton. Pintavalle got pulled for the bye in the semifinals, pairing Keyton and Goodman. Keyton got the free pass when Goodman turned it -.014 red. In the final, Keyton got the jump on Pintavalle, with a .016 to Rocky’s .034. But at the stripe, once again Pintavalle was the benefactor of an opponent breaking out. Pintavalle ran a 5.909 on his 5.90 dial, as Keyton broke out .003 taking .030 at the stripe. Pintavalle was the model of consistency on the starting line, posting 7 lights between .028 and .045. The only light outside of the group came in round 5, where he was .003.


In Juniors, the young racers were taking no prisoners on the starting line. The worst winning reaction time of the quarterfinals was .033. Kennedy Weis was .025 on the tree to pick up the win over a red lighting Christian Walston. Louie Estevez posted the .033 light on his way to free pass as Brad Keyton turned it -.006 red. Jacob Baker was .019 on the tree as he picked up the easy win as Herby Sullivan posted the third consecutive red light of the round. The final pair saw two green lights. Roger Thornton was .017 to Michael George Jr’s .038. At the stripe, Thornton, the mulligan winner, may have cut it a little closer than he intended, but he still picked up the win by a mere .001 killing over 4 mph. In the semifinals, Kennedy got a bit of a break when Thornton turned it red. Kennedy was .068, but Roger turned it -.008 red sending Weis to the money round. Jacob Baker was .019 on the tree for the second round in a row, and that gave him enough of a holeshot to hold off Louie Estevez who was .063. Baker had been really hitting the tree well all day, posting 5 lights between .018 and .021, a feat most top bulb racers would be jealous of. In the final, he posted yet another “teen” light but this time it was -.017 red, handing the automatic win to Kennedy Weis. Kennedy, for her sake, made a very tough run, posting a .015 light and running out just .002. The win was a good one for the Ashland, VA native who is in her last year in Junior Dragster.


On Sunday, the racing was just as competitive and tight as it was Saturday. In Juniors, there were 8 racers left in round 5. Michael George Jr. was in his second quarterfinal of the weekend. This time, Michael didn’t turn it red; instead he posted a stout .007 against Michael Hankinson. Hankinson missed the tree with a .075, leaving George Jr. with plenty of room at the stripe to pick up the round win. In the next pair, Patrick Estevez Jr. picked up a tight win over Kendal Little. Little had the better light with a .027 to Estevez’s .038, but Patrick ran .016 closer to his dial, putting him .005 in front at the stripe, and sending him to the semifinals. Defending MIR track champ Christopher Mattera picked up a win over Chad Logan. Mattera had a .007 advantage on the tree with his .038 light, and had a relatively easy time of it at the finish line when Logan couldn’t run the number. Next up Jacob Baker faced off with Raider Series points leader Shane Parker. Parker, who won two of the first four races of the Raider Series, struggled this weekend, with a first round re-entry exit on Saturday and a second round re-entry exit on Sunday. Sunday he got back in the race in 5th round, via the mulligan. But Parker’s rough weekend continued, as he turned it -.018 red, sending Baker to the semifinals. In the semifinals, Mattera faced off Michael George Jr. Mattera got a big jump with a .017 light to George Jr’s .078, which was enough to move on the finals. Jacob Baker moved to his second final of the weekend in a tough race over Patrick Estevez Jr. Baker got the jump with a .034 to Patrick’s .042, but at the stripe Estevez was able to take just .004. Unfortunately for Patrick, Baker ran a 7.900 on his 7.90 dial, and therefore Estevez broke out getting there first. In the final, Baker missed the tree with a .094, and once again, Mattera was good on the tree, this time posting a .038 light. Mattera ran dead-on his dial as Baker broke out beside him, handing Christopher Mattera his second Raider ET Series win of the year. With the win, Mattera took the points lead by two points over Jacob Baker who sits second. Shane Parker fell to third, 3 rounds behind Mattera.


In Mod ET, a Top ET standout was making his presence felt footbraking. Jesse Alberts of Bernville, Pa, has been making it a habit of going rounds in big money Top ET races this year. Sunday, he proved his no one-trick pony. Down to 6 cars in round 6, David Ritz posted a .012 light in his Monte Carlo to take down Tony Mattera who was .048 on the tree. Jesse Alberts then faced off with Robert “Hambone” Copsey. Alberts was .020 on the tree to Hambone’s .051. At the stripe, Hambone got there first as Alberts got hard on the brakes, feeding Copsey the finish line. Copsey took the stripe by .013 but broke out nearly .04 to do it, handing the round win to Alberts. Ed Talbert, who has been tough throughout the season in the Raider ET Series, got the bye to the semifinals. In the semifinals, Talbert faced off with Ritz. Both racers were good on the tree, with Ritz getting the jump with a .016 to Talbert’s .027. At the stripe, Ritz took .024 but fell victim to the harshness of a double breakout race, where often, the better light at the tree loses. That sent Talbert to the final where he would face off with Alberts. In his semifinal bye run, Alberts was .026 on the tree, his 4th .02x light in a row, and 5th of the day. In the final, Alberts was once again consistent on the tree, posting his second .026 light in a row, and 6th “twenty-something” light of the day. Ed Talbert left the line with the red light lit, ending his day and handing Alberts the easy win, and the $2,000 payday in his Camaro. Even though he didn’t win the race, Talbert is currently winning the “war”. He sits atop the Raider Mod ET points standings heading into the final weekend just 3 weekends from now. He has a 29 point lead over former Raider Series Champ, Seth Phillips who sits just in front of Saturday’s semifinalist Jess Goodman.


Jesse Alberts was making a deep run in Top ET as well. Driving one of the dragsters owned by Steve Witherow, Alberts had made his way through the first 5 rounds of competition. In the quarterfinals, he ran into mulligan winner, Larry Boswell. Both drivers were good on the tree with identical .013 lights. But at the stripe, Alberts prevailed in a very tight race, dropping to a dead-on 4.722 on his 4.72 dial, taking just .004 over Boswell who ran a 5.786 on his 5.78 dial. Alberts would be joined in the semifinals by Rajsaun McCray. McCray took down David Whitesell Jr with a, .002 take .005 run, in a good race. Whitesell was right there on the tree with a .005 light, but McCray prevailed in the tight race. Michael Shoop was in the quarterfinals again, and this time he was able to pick up the win over the always tough Tommy Cable. Shoop was .001 en route to a .017 package, which was enough to take down Cable’s .029 package. Jerry Langley took his brand new RaceTech dragster to the semifinals with the quarterfinal bye run. In the semifinals, McCray faced off with Shoop. McCray posted his 6th light of the day, better than .013, with a .010, giving him a huge advantage over Shoop who flat out missed it with a .063. But at the stripe, McCray took way too much stripe, breaking out .006 and sending Shoop to the final. Jesse Alberts was still alive in his attempt to double up for the day as he came to the line against Jerry Langley. Langley was .008 on the tree to get the jump over Alberts’ .021. At the stripe, Alberts dropped hard, killing over 10 mph hoping Langley would break out, but Jerry ran 1 over his dial, putting a .022 package together and ending Jesse’s run at a double up. In the final, Shoop found his groove again and got a small holeshot over Langley with a .016 to Jerry’s .023. At the stripe, Shoop got there first by .006 running 1 over his 4.73 dial in. With the win, Shoop jumped to 4th in Autofab Raider points. Defending champ, Steve Witherow still sits on top with Daniel Harris and Bobby Spence sitting second and third.



The first Autofab Raider weekend at MIR marked the end of MIR’s own Speed Unlimited ET Series 1/8th mile “regular season” points series for Top and Mod. At the end of the day Sunday, the top 10 points finishers, including ties, in both Top and Mod had clinched their spots in The Dash, MIR’s points series playoff system. In Top ET, Michael Shoop took over the points lead, giving him prime position heading into The Dash. The other qualifiers in Top include, Brent Martin, Bruce Hensley, Rick Harbaugh, Dale Smith, Mickey Nelson, Robbie Parlett, Jake Milstead, Marty Dabney, Willy Hess Sr. and Marshall Grooms. In Mod ET, two Mattera brothers sit first and second. Johnny will take the lead into The Dash, with Bobby in second. Other racers who qualified, include former Mod ET track champs, George Windsor and Frank Thompson Jr. The final 6 racers to qualify are, Bradley Tippett, Robert “Hambone” Copsey, Tony Mattera, Brian McLaughlin, Francis Reynolds Jr., and Jake Milstead. There is still one race left for mile qualifying in both Top and Mod, and that comes Saturday, September 21 at the Superchargers Showdown. Juniors and Motorcycle will also set their field for The Dash at the end of Superchargers Saturday. The points are tight in both classes around the all important 10th spot, so racers need to be on their game to clinch into The Dash. This past weekend, Darrell Mahoney won Saturday in Motorcycle and Shayne Proctor won on Sunday. Those wins pushed both riders up into the top 10, with just one race left.

Congratulations to all the winners from last weekend’s Autofab Raider ET Series event. Bracket racers get a bit of break this weekend with the Legends of Budds Creek in town, but then bracket racers hit the home stretch of the 2013 season. September 20 and 21 is the Superchargers Showdown, featuring $5,000 to win each day in Top ET, and the full Speed Unlimited ET Series on Saturday. Then the following weekend, the final Autofab Raider ET Series weekend comes to MIR on September 28 and 29. Not only will the Raider points be settled that weekend, but The Dash will complete the first 2 of 4 races scheduled for the playoffs. The Dash will wrap up and champions will be crowned during the ET Series Finale October 26 and 27.





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