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Bobby Spence, Jake Milstead, Logan Hubbell and Mike Schulz Win 2013 Speed Unlimited ET Series Championships


October 30, 2013


Press Release courtesy of:  Robbie Parlett

The 2013 Speed Unlimited ET Series at Maryland Int’l Raceway wrapped up at the ET Series Finale. The two race weekend finished off the 4 race Dash program, where at the end of the weekend, the 2013 ET Series Champions would be crowned. Coming into the weekend, Michael Shoop was holding down the top spot in Top ET with a 3 round lead over second place Brent Martin. Martin held a one round lead over three tied racers, Bobby Spence, Jason Kirby and Bruce Hensley. In Mod ET, the points were a little tighter coming into the weekend. Bobby Mattera held a 9 point lead over Jason Kirby. Kirby held a 21 point lead over George Windsor, Jake Milstead and Tony Mattera who all sat tied for third. In Junior Dragster, Christopher Mattera found himself entering the weekend just one point ahead of second place, Logan Hubbell. Hubbell was two rounds ahead of TJ Estevez, with Willy Hess Jr. and Robert Estevez rounding out the top 5. In Motorcycle, Mike Schulz found himself with a 22 point lead over Jeff Sweeney. Jimmie Miller III, was 42 points back of Schulz with Troy Hausmann and Michael Herman Jr. rounding out the top 5. The Dash points playoff system was created to keep all the points battles alive until the last race of the season, and again in 2013 it worked out exactly as planned.


On Saturday in Top ET, the points battles tightened up considerably. Everyone who entered the weekend in the top 5 had survived through round 3, but in round 4 things started to get interesting. Michael Shoop turned it -.002 red to Larry Cox, ending his day a little early. But starting the weekend with a 3 round lead, he still had a little comfort room. In the very next pair, Bobby Spence knocked off fellow top 5 racer, Bruce Hensley after Bruce broke out .002 taking a little too much at the stripe. Shoop got a small break when second place Brent Martin turned it -.003 red to Jeff Groat ending his shot at making a run at the lead. Jason Kirby stayed alive with the bye. In round 5, Bobby Spence and Jason Kirby faced off. Spence got a free pass when Kirby turned it -.003 red. Heading into round 6, Spence faced off with David Meador. Spence made a really nice run, with a .010 light taking just .005 at the stripe to pick up the round win and 10 more points. Rick Harbaugh, who entered the weekend in a tie for 6th, continued his charge towards the top of the points list with win over two-time defending track champ, Robert Jones, who turned it -.003 red. The final semifinalist was Jerry Williams who moved through round 6 with the bye. Williams had just won the Southern Outlaw Top Sportsman race and as is tradition, the winner of Top Sportsman moves into the Top ET race. If Spence could make it to the final, he would pull into a tie with Shoop for the points lead. When the cards were drawn in the semifinals, Spence got pulled for the bye to final, guaranteeing him at least a piece of the points lead heading to the final race. In the matchup between Williams and Harbaugh, Williams got a free pass when Harbaugh went -.008 red. In the final, Williams was looking to double up for the day and Spence was looking to take over the outright points lead. The race was pretty much settled on the starting line. Spence missed the tree with a .042 light and Williams was .012. Even through Bobby ran dead-on with a 7 at the stripe, he didn’t have enough room to make up the .030 disadvantage on the tree. Jerry Williams picked up his second win of the day, a nice payday for the Top Sportsman racer. At the end of the day, Shoop and Spence sat tied for the points lead, with Rick Harbaugh, Brent Martin and Jason Kirby all tied for third, three rounds back with just one race to go.


In Mod ET, Bobby Mattera was able to extend his lead on Saturday. Of the top 5 entering Saturday’s race, only Jake Milstead and Bobby Mattera were able to make it out of round 2. In round 3, Bobby got past a red-lighting Craig Wolfe, and in the very next pair, Milstead found himself .007 behind at the stripe against Adam Douglas, ending his chances of keeping pace or even gaining on the leader Mattera. With Mattera the lone racer earning points in the top 5, he had a huge opportunity to nearly lock up the points title Saturday night. But in round 4, he ran into Bradley Tippett. Both drivers missed the tree, but Bradley ran a 6.644 on his 6.64 dial to take down the points leader who broke out .040 taking the stripe. The round 4 win sent Tippett to the semifinals, where he would be joined by Adam Douglas and Dale Wilson. Douglas moved to the semifinals after Mike Vito turned it -.030 red on the tree. Dale Wilson earned his spot in the semifinal, posting a .031 package that left Janet Baden no room to maneuver after she left the starting line with a .058 bulb. In the semifinals, Wilson was pulled for the bye, pitting Adam Douglas against Bradley Tippett. Tippett was .031 on the tree and ran another dead-on 6.64 to pick up the win over Douglas who missed the tree with a .077 light. In the final, Bradley Tippett would not be denied. One of the rarest feats in bracket racing is a “perfect” run. They don’t happen often and very seldom happen in a final. Bradley Tippett pulled off that feat Saturday night. Tippett left the line with a perfect .000 light ran his 4th 6.64 in a row, this time a perfect 6.640 to post a perfect run and take home the Iron Tree Trophy for the night. Dale, for his part, made a nice lap, with a .027 light en route to a .040 package, but there was nothing he could do against the perfect run. Tippett won the battle that was Saturday’s race, but Bobby Mattera was officially winning the war. With just one race to go, Mattera sat on a 39 point lead over Jason Kirby. Milstead sat just one point behind Kirby, 4 rounds behind Bobby, with George Windsor and Tony Mattera tied for 4th, 5 rounds out of the lead.


In Junior Dragster Saturday, the points battles were definitely raging. TJ Estevez suffered a tough blow when he was knocked out in round 1. All the other top 5 racers survived to round 2. In round 2, everyone had made it through until Christopher Mattera came to the line in the final pair. Mattera pushed the tree a little too hard against Michael Hankinson, turning it just -.003 red, officially surrendering the points lead to Logan Hubbell. In round 3, top 5 contenders, Willy Hess Jr. and Robert Estevez faced off. With a lot on the line, both racers pushed the tree. Hess was a stellar .004 but Robert pushed just a little too hard and turned it -.006 red. In Logan’s round 3 race, he was in a lot of trouble as he passed the tree. Sam Hamilton had strapped a .008 light on Hubbell, and Logan had missed the tree with a .096, but at the stripe, Hamilton killed way too much and gave the stripe back, running more than a tenth over his dial, and essentially handing Logan 10 more valuable points. In the quarterfinals, Hubbell was pulled for the bye, extending his lead by 10 more points over Mattera. In the other quarterfinal matchups, Hunter Levin got a bit lucky against Jeremy Fowler. Both drivers were good on the tree, with Levin getting the slight holeshot with his .023 to Fowler’s .032. At the stripe, Levin couldn’t quite run the number, but Fowler took just a bit too much stripe and broke out .010 on his 7.90 dial, sending Hunter to the semifinals. In the other matchup, Willy Hess was just hoping to keep pace with the points leader, Hubbell. Against Jacob Mattera, Hess was “double oh” for the 3rd time of the day, this time with a .006 light. At the stripe he killed plenty, running a 7.931 on his 7.91 dial to move on to the semifinals. Hunter Levin was drawn for the bye to final, so it would be a top 5 showdown for Hess and Hubbell. As the drivers left the line, Logan once again found himself at a disadvantage. Hess had got the slight jump with a .038 to Hubbell’s .043. At the stripe, Hess couldn’t quite run the number, and Logan took the stripe by .013 moving on to the final, and extending his points lead even more. In the final, Hubbell’s good luck of being able to come from behind came to an end. Levin had the advantage on the tree with a .032 to Logan’s .097. At the stripe, Hunter killed what he needed to running .02 over his dial to take the win and the Hubble Motorsports Pro Purse as well. At the end of the night, it was just really a three horse race in Juniors. Logan Hubbell had a 39 point lead over Christopher Mattera. Willy Hess Jr. had jumped to third, but was sitting 45 points out of first, essentially 5 rounds back.


In Motorcycle, Mike Schulz had already established himself as the man to beat. Winning both of the first two races in The Dash, Schulz had taken the points entering the finale. But on Saturday, he opened the door to let some of his pursuers catch up. After an easy win round 1, Schulz was knocked out in round 2 by top 5 racer Michael Herman Jr. In the very next pair, Jimmie Miller, the 2012 defending track champ knocked off fellow top 5 contender, Troy Hausmann. Miller survived round 3 but Herman Jr. was knocked out. With Miller moving to the semifinals, he was quickly catching Schulz. In the semifinals, Miller was pulled for the bye, guaranteeing him a spot in the final. There he would meet up with either Brandon Bachmeier or Brian Linkins. Bachmeier got a big jump at the line with a .037 light to Linkins’ .118 and that was more than enough for Brandon to move on to the final. In the final, Miller was looking to pull within one point of Schulz for the lead with a race win. In the end, Miller got the easy win after Bachmeier was unable to make the call for the final. With the win, Miller found himself in second place, just one point behind Mike Schulz. It was really a two horse race heading into Sunday, with the next closest competitor, Jeff Sweeny more than 5 rounds out.




On Sunday, the Motorcycle championship was settled first. Both Schulz and Miller survived round 1. Both riders got a bit lucky in round 2. Miller found himself paired with Bachmeier again. This time, Bachmeier was able to make the call. He had the better light with a .037 to Miller’s .061 but had trouble early in the run, giving Miller a ton of room at the stripe to make up the starting line difference. Then Mike Schulz was dead late with a .110 light to John Rudolph’s .031, but Rudolph had trouble on track allowing Schulz to move on to the semifinals. Down to three bikes, Schulz got pulled for the bye. That meant the defending champ Miller would have to take down multiple time champ and perennial heavy hitter Shayne Proctor to make it to the final and set up a “winner take all” scenario with Schulz. As Miller and Proctor left the line they were separated by just .003. At the stripe, Miller got there first by .024 but broke out more than Shayne doing so. Miller made a nice run of it, but in the end he came up just short of repeating as track champ. With Proctor’s win light, Schulz knew it was over and that he had clinched the 2013 MIR Speed Unlimited Motorcycle ET Series Championship. In his semifinal bye run, he made a nice run, posting a .020 light en route to a .026 package. In the final, Schulz’s third of The Dash, it was good race with Shayne Proctor. Proctor had a .006 advantage at the tree, and that small advantage is what it took to pick up the win. At the stripe, Schulz pulled in front and took the stripe by just .004, but had to break out .010 more than Proctor to do it. For Shayne, the win was a good way to wrap up a tougher than expected season. But for Schulz, he had earned his championship by making his best runs when they mattered most. Making it to 3 out of 4 finals in The Dash is an impressive feat that will be tough to be duplicated. Jimmie Miller III ended up in second place with Jeff Sweeny in 3rd and Troy Hausmann and Michael Herman Jr. tied for 4th.




The Junior Dragster championship was settled next. After round 1, there were only enough Juniors left to make a 5 round race. Therefore, if Logan Hubbell could make it through 2nd round he would clinch the championship. In round 1 Logan Hubbell, once again came from behind in his matchup against Trey Linassi. His first round win eliminated Willy Hess’ title hopes. Christopher Mattera won a tight one with TJ Estevez to keep his slim hopes alive. In round 2, Logan Hubbell faced off with Ashley Pumphrey to clinch the championship. As they left the line, Ashley had a .009 advantage with her .026 light. At the stripe, Ashley got there first by just .011, but broke out by just .001, with an 8.899 on an 8.90 dial while Hubbell ran a dead-on 7.901 on his 7.90 dial beside her. For Ashley, she had just lost a heartbreaker, but for Hubbell, he had just clinched the 2013 Speed Unlimited Junior Dragster Championship. Two pairs later, Christopher Mattera, the 2012 defending champ strapped a .020 package on Robbie Hamilton to move on to the quarterfinals. Although the championship was settled, 2nd place was still up for grabs with Hess and Mattera separated by just 6 points. Hess made it to the quarterfinals, with a second round bye. In the quarters, Christopher Mattera knocked the tree down with a .004 to take down Michael Hankinson. In the next pair, Hess was able to keep pace by taking down Jeremy Fowler who missed the tree. Logan Hubbell ended TJ Estevez’s junior dragster career as TJ turned it -.010 red. Jacob Mattera took down Adrianna Estevez to move to the semifinals. In the semifinals, Christopher Mattera and Willy Hess were paired up in a battle that would determine the second place finisher. Hess got a big jump with a .026 light to Mattera’s .083. At the stripe, the starting line disadvantage was too much to overcome for Mattera, as his dead-on run was not enough to get past Hess’ 7.926 on a 7.90 dial. With the win, Hess took over second place, relegating Christopher Mattera to third. In the other matchup, Jacob Mattera knocked out the newly crowned points champ Logan Hubbell. Hubbell missed the tree with a .068, and Mattera’s .039 was enough to take the win and move to the final. In the final, Willy had the advantage on the tree with a .046 to Mattera’s .059, but couldn’t run the number at the big end, giving Jacob enough room to make up the starting line difference and take home the last Iron Tree of the season. Logan Hubbell came on strong in second half of the year to take home his first track championship. Willy Hess Jr. finished strong, with a semifinal and final round appearance in the last two races to jump from 4th to 2nd. Defending champ Christopher Mattera finished up in third, but still had a very successful season, winning several races and taking home the 2013 Autofab Raider ET Series Championship. The Estevez brothers, TJ and Robert finished 4th and 5th respectively.

Top ET was settled before the end of the race as well. 5 racers still had a good shot at winning the championship. Points leaders, Michael Shoop and Bobby Spence both made it through round 1 unscathed. Jason Kirby threw down a .014 package in round 1, while Brent Martin tossed out a .001 package to take down 6th place runner Bruce Hensley. Rick Harbaugh was the only one of the top 5 to not make it out of round 1, ending his title hopes. In round 2, things started to get interesting. The first of the contenders to run was Shoop. Passing the tree he found himself .012 behind his opponent Jeff Groat. At the stripe, Groat got there first by .012 as both drivers broke out by .007, sending Groat to the third round and eliminating Shoop. Not all hope was lost for Michael Shoop however, if Bobby Spence lost in round 2, Shoop held the tie breaker based on round wins. Jason Kirby picked up a round 2 win to keep his title hopes alive. Three pairs later, Bobby Spence faced off with Jack Trussell. Spence has .007 ahead at the light with a .016 to a .023. And at the stripe he took .013 to pick up the win, and the points lead, eliminating Michael Shoop from the title chase. Brent Martin kept his title hopes alive by taking down a red-lighting Bill Fordyce in round 2. Jason Kirby fell in round 3 with down track mechanical issues. Bobby Spence survived a scare from Michael Boswell. Boswell was .009 to Spence’s .025, at the tree but Boswell took just a little too much stripe breaking out just .001, sending Bobby to round 4. Brent was still keeping pace, picking up another win over a red-lighting opponent. In round 4, Bobby got a freebie when Rick Harbaugh turned it red to him. Spence was on his game though, posting a stout .012 package. Brent got his third red light in a row, but he was starting to run out of rounds.




Down to the quarterfinals, Brent’s only shot was for Bobby to go out in the quarters and for Brent to go on and win the race. The first pair down the track had no championship implications. Robbie Parlett faced off with Randy Riggleman. Parlett had the starting line advantage with a .012 light Riggleman’s .038. At the stripe, Riggleman’s dead on pass wasn’t enough to overcome the difference at the starting line, sending Parlett to the semifinals. Next, Jason Parker faced off with Brent Martin. With Bobby Spence sitting in the waterbox, he knew if Parker could take out Martin, the points battle would be over. Parker got the slight advantage with a .011 to Martin’s .014. At the stripe, Brent couldn’t quite run the number and Jason Parker took .013 stripe, putting together a .016 package to pick up the win and clinch the championship for Bobby Spence. The 2013 Speed Unlimited Top ET Series Champion Bobby Spence knew the championship was his, but he was just 3 win lights away from winning the race. Spence has numerous runner-up performances this year, and was really looking to cap off his championship season with a race win. His opponent Jerry Langley had something to say about that however. Jerry knocked the tree over with a .002 to Bobby’s .022, and at the stripe Langley killed over 5 mph to take just .002 putting together a stout, .002 take .002 run, and end Bobby’s run at the race win. But for Bobby Spence, while he would have loved to win the race, he had won the points war. Jason Parker was pulled for the semifinal bye, pairing good friends, Jerry Langley and Robbie Parlett against each other. Both drivers left the line with identical .018 lights. At the stripe both drivers did a good job of dropping to go dead-on with Jerry picking up the tight win, running a 4.862 on his 4.86 dial, besting Parlett’s 4.704 on his 4.70 dial, taking just .002 for the second round in a row to move on to the final. In the final, Jason Parker got the advantage on the tree with a .008 light Langley’s .023. At the stripe, Jason’s 4.656 on a 4.64 dial combined with his light left Langley with only .001 to take. Jerry got there by .013 but broke out doing so, giving Parker the final Iron Tree of the 2013 season. For Bobby Spence to win the championship after coming so close last year is a tremendous accomplishment. After battling motor issues several times throughout the season, he persevered to pick up his first track championship at MIR. Brent’s quarterfinal finish was enough to put him into a tie with Michael Shoop for second place. Jason Kirby and Bruce Hensley ended the season in a tie for 4th.

The final championship to be decided was in Mod ET and it was by far the most dramatic. Coming into Sunday’s race, Bobby Mattera had a near stranglehold on the points championship. But he would have to win round 3 to mathematically clinch the title regardless of what his pursuers did. In round 1, Bobby found himself lined up with one of his closest pursuers, Jake Milstead. Mattera’s .044 light coupled with his dead-on 3 run left Milstead with no room at the stripe after leaving with a .055 light. 2nd place runner Jason Kirby and 4th place Tony Mattera went down in round 1 as well. George Windsor was able to make it out round 1. Milstead and Tony Mattera made it out of round 1 re-entry, but Jason Kirby was knocked out by Dave Hill, ending his title chances. If Bobby Mattera could win round 2, he would eliminate his brother Tony and George Windsor from championship contention. He was the first pair out, where he found himself lined up with 2011 Mod champ, Joe Goldey. Goldey knew he had to be on his game and push the tree, but he pushed a little too hard, turning It -.003 red and giving Mattera the automatic win. That left Jake Milstead as the only driver with a shot at catching Bobby. Jake won his second round matchup, but had to hope Bobby went down in round 3 in order to even have a shot at coming from behind. As it turned out, Jake would control his own fate this time. For the second time in 3 rounds, he found himself paired up with the points leader. As was the case in round 1, Bobby had the advantage on the tree, this time with a .026 to Milstead’s .044, but at the stripe, in a risky move, Jake dropped to get behind at the stripe, feeding the stripe to Mattera who broke out a mere .004 while Jake ran .012 over his dial, giving Milstead the all important round win. The win kept Jake’s hopes alive but there was still a lot of work to be done.



In order to win the championship, Jake would have to win the race to take a 1 point lead. With three rounds to go, and knowing what was at stake, that was a lot of pressure for the two-time Midnight Madness champ. In round 4, Jake found himself paired with a tough competitor in John Mattera. Johnny, an 8 time track champ in his own right, could secure is brother, Bobby’s second ET series championship and the Mattera family’s 13thtitle since 1990 if he could knock off Milstead. But Milstead had other plans. With a championship riding on every run, he stepped his game up. Jake left the line with a huge advantage, posting a .016 light to Johnny’s .074. Jake pulled around Johnny down track and killed plenty of ET, running a 6.574 on his 6.53 dial to move on to the semifinals. He would be joined by two others in the semifinals. Former track champ, Michael Jackson knocked off Dave Hill on the strength of a .012 light to Dave’s .088. The third and final semifinalist would be Robert “Hambone” Copsey. Hambone knocked off Brian McLaughlin after posting a stout .003 light, coupled with a 7.256 on a 7.24 dial for a .019 package that left Brian out in the cold after leaving the line with a .076 light. Milstead’s .016 light in the quarterfinals was the worst winning light of the round, as the footbrakers were definitely on their game. As the cards were pulled in the semifinals, Milstead got drawn for the bye, guaranteeing he would have a shot at the season title. In the final he would meet up with Robert Copsey. Against Jackson, Hambone was .035 on the tree, but the race was his shortly thereafter, as Jackson turned it big time red to end his day. Milstead made a full pull in his bye run, posting another nice light, a .011 this time. In the final, Milstead would have to take down his good friend Copsey to take home his first Speed Unlimited ET Series Championship. With all the pressure mounted, Jake rose to the occasion. Making his best pass of the day, Jake was .008 on the tree to Hambone’s decent .034. At the stripe, Milstead played the game perfectly, taking just .006 running .04 over his dial, winning the race and the 2013 Speed Unlimited ET Mod ET Series Championship all in one run. Milstead’s, “double oh” take “double oh” run under enormous pressure, earned him a championship in his first season out in his new small block Chevy powered Ford Mustang. With the one point bonus for winning the race, Milstead took the lead by just one point over Bobby Mattera who finished the season in 2nd. George Windsor and Tony Mattera finished tied for 3rd with Jason Kirby finishing in 5th, completing an impressive season for Kirby, who finished in the top 5 in both Top and Mod ET.

Congratulations to all the race winners from the weekend. But most importantly, congratulations to Bobby Spence, in Top ET, Jake Milstead in Mod ET, Logan Hubbell in Junior Dragster and Mike Schulz in Motorcycle ET for winning their Speed Unlimited ET Series Championships.




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