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Important Racer Notes for the 2014 Season


February 11, 2014




  • Junior Dragster Points Update Regarding the NHRA Junior Dragster Eastern Conference Finals in Bristol

    Due to the scheduling conflict between the NHRA Junior Dragster Eastern Conference Finals in Bristol and the July 19-20th points races at MIR, 30 vacation points per day (60 points total) will be issued to any Junior racer that attends the Bristol event. Racers must email or fax a copy of their Bristol timeslip to Chris Miller at and request the vacation points. If you don't have access to a scanner or fax, you can bring your timeslip to the tower during the next points race which is the Autofab Raider ET Challenge on Aug 9-10th. After Aug 10th, no further vacation points will be issued for the Bristol event.

  • NEW FOR 2014
    New Track Credit Policy - If a driver breaks prior to running first round at any event, they can receive a track credit (no cash refunds) that can be used at any future MIR event. The credit amount will be the entry fee paid minus the general admission for the day (plus the $1 for the points fund on ET events). For any Test & Tune tech card at any event, once you have made a run there will be no credit issued if you break.

  • NEW FOR 2014
    MIR is proud to announce that the full Speed Unlimited ET Series has been added to the return of the President's Cup Nationals on Saturday June 14th. The ET series will be highlighted and run on Saturday night along with the awesome Nitro Pro Show. Winners in Top, Mod, Jr. Dragster and Motorcycle will all receive IHRA Ironman trophies. The full weekly purse, entry fee, points, rules and procedures will be in effect. All IHRA class cars are welcome to enter. So spread the word, the Speed Unlimited ET Series to be showcased at the IHRA Nitro Jam President's Cup Nationals.

  • NEW FOR 2014
    The Wildcard Race for the last three qualifying positions for team MIR (1 Top, 1 Mod and 1 Junior) will be held on Saturday, August 30, 2014. To qualify for the Wildcard Race, drivers must have run a minimum of 3 points races (including the day of the Wildcard Race). The entry fee for the Wildcard race will be $20; all money collected will go to the racerís fund. If the winner of the Wildcard Race ultimately qualifies for the Bracket Finals in points, then the next highest points earner in the same class (from both 1/8 & 1/4 mile points) will receive the spot. If there is a tie, the regular tie breaker system will be used to determine the winner.

  • NEW FOR 2014
    Two special $2,000 to win Mod ET races with points will be run with the Door Wars event in April.

  • NEW FOR 2014
    Due to space and time limitations at the World Cup Finals, the Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness Grand Champion Runoff has been moved back to the final Friday night Midnight Madness of the year. The run-off will be held on Friday night, October 31st. To qualify for this runoff, you must be a Pro Street, Pro Street Quick 8 and/or Super Street winner from any Midnight Madness during the current season. This year Super Street and Pro Street will be run separately until the final and the two winners will run each other for the Grand Championship. All Pro Street Quick 8 qualifiers will run with Pro Street.

  • NEW FOR 2014
    Attention J/D racers and parents. To assist in keeping cost down by saving time and prevent entry fees from going up, all Juniors must start their burnouts when the pair on the starting line has all 4 stage lights on. If the pair at the line has left and you have not already started your burnout, you are holding up the race and costing time/dollars. This also means that parents and/or crew need to stand to the side and not behind the car when their car is staging. Many times the cars in the water box are ready to start their burnouts but parents/crew are standing in the way. Please make every effort to comply with this rule as those who blatantly disregard after being warned are subject to loss of a time run, point deductions or DQ from the event depending on severity of infractions. This is not to say when someone is having a mechanical problem and is trying their best, that they would be given a warning. This will be up to the Race Director and the decision is final. Also, only one pushback is permitted after burnout.

  • NEW FOR 2014
    We are encouraging all drivers that race purpose built race cars (not street cars) to really consider putting an engine diaper on their car. The IHRA rulebook requires one in all of their Pro Classes plus Top Sportsman, Top Dragster and Quick Rod. Also any car that is Supercharged or Nitrous injected that runs 7.99 or quicker 1/4 or 5.00 or quicker 1/8 mile is required to have a diaper per IHRA rules. We've witnessed countless avoidable accidents from oil getting on the tires - resulting in long unnecessary track clean-ups. We feel all racers should consider installing an engine diaper on their car. No one will be turned away at tech if they do not have one, we are just trying to point out the real benefit to every racer. Installing an engine diaper could save your car, it could save you from possible injury or maybe even save your life. It will also save valuable track time for the enjoyment of fellow racers and fans. It will help reduce track expenses for cleanup and the extra time saved from cleanup will allow more cars to go down the track - resulting in earlier event completion. On some Test & Tunes this year (when time permits), we hope to reward pro-active racers by giving a bonus run to those drivers with diapers on their cars. Again we will not turn any ET or Test & Tune car away at tech, but an engine diaper is the cheapest insurance you can buy to protect you, your car and the car and driver in the other lane.

  • The schedule for the weekly Speed Unlimited ET Series will remain the same in 2014

    1:00 pm - Gates Open
    2:00 pm - Time Trials all classes including Test & Tune time runs
    Run order J/D, Top, J/D, Mod, M/C
    4:00 pm - Junior Dragster Eliminations
    6:00 pm - Top ET, Mod ET, Motorcycle ET and Test & Tune time runs

  • On races where a Mulligan is drawn, the Mulligan winner is not eligible for a bye run during 5th round only.

  • Any bye run car that chooses to take the tree and back off the starting line must still go to the end of the line in the staging lane they choose.

  • Attention Mod ET Racers, make sure your cars are legal for MIR MOD ET class rules. No Delay boxes can be in the car at all and no 2 steps permitted, unless it is a manual transmission car. Also, there are no air or electric shifters permitted. If you have an air shifter mounted, the air line must be disconnected at the shifter and the air bottle removed from the car. On electric shifters, the wire must be disconnected near the shifter, rolled up and put in a place out of reach from the driver.

  • MIR is pleased to announce the continuation of the discount Junior ticket program to add value to families that race and attend events at MIR. Simply request a Junior ticket for any 12 to 15 year olds at the gate. Valid ID is required only if age in dispute.

  • Ignition limiters and/or any ignition controls used to excessively slow the car down are prohibited. In other words, any ignition device that would act like a throttle stop to excessively slow the ET of a vehicle is considered an illegal device. If you are unsure whether or not your set up is legal, please check with a tech official for confirmation.

  • Points membership into the Speed Unlimited ET Series is still FREE for all classes! Your purchase of a tech card at any ET points race includes automatic free enrollment into the points series.

  • The 2014 IHRA Summit Team Finals roster will include 17 cars in Top ET, 13 cars in Modified ET and 10 Junior Dragsters. Top ET will consist of the top eight in the 1/4 mile points plus the top eight in the 1/8 mile points as well as one Wildcard. Mod ET will consist of the top six in the 1/4 mile points plus the top six in the 1/8 mile points as well as one Wildcard. Junior Dragster will be the top nine in points plus one Wildcard.

  • Test & Tune tech cards will not be sold at the Autofab Raider ET Challenge due to the large car counts.

  • Test & Tune tech cards are available on all Saturday Speed Unlimited ET Series events for only $30 each and include up to 4 runs.

  • On all races with a Mulligan, the winner of the drawing that is put back in the race will earn points for each additional round won as do other re-entry racers. The Mulligan will not receive points for any rounds missed.

  • On all ET races, the fee for time runs made during late elimination rounds is $10 per pass. All monies collected will go to benefit the racer's fund.

  • The timeout on the Compulink AUTOSTART system for all ET classes is 10 seconds (except Jr Dragster, which is 15 seconds). All Pro Tree classes are 7 second timeout.

  • On all 1/4 mile races, Top ET will be 12.99 & quicker. On all 1/8 mile races, Top ET will be 8.49 & quicker.

  • On all 1/4 mile races, Mod ET will be 9.00 - 19.99. On all 1/8 mile races, Mod ET will be all run.

  • All racers are encouraged to check their points weekly. There will be no corrections made after 30 days from the event.

  • Always be sure to check that the number on your timeslip is correct on EVERY RUN as points are only awarded to the number on the timeslip. If your timeslip reflects a wrong number, bring your slip to race control or notify a track official so that we can correct the error and adjust your points.

  • JUNIOR DRAGTER RAINOUT POLICY: Because Juniors run earlier in the day, if they complete first round or more and the event was to be cancelled - points will be awarded for all completed rounds. All drivers left in competition will receive their choice of a trophy or a free car and driver entry pass. This would also be considered a completed event and there will be no rain checks for either the driver entry or the crew.

  • For all 2-day ET races (including the Top ET 5K Triple Header and the Raider Challenge events), Motorcycle ET will run with points on both Saturdays and Sundays.

  • To eliminate the need for runoffs between racers that are tied in points in the playoffs, tie breakers will be used to determine higher position. This system will ensure that all classes have a definitive Top 10 with no ties in points at the end of the year. This tie breaker system will also be used to establish position for all points fund payouts. When tie breakers are used, any drivers tied will be sorted in tie-breaker order, and those drivers will have a "TB" listed after their points.






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