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Track Champs Smith, Milstead and Hubbell Win at 2014 Speed Unlimited ET Series Kickoff


April 9 , 2014


Press Release courtesy of:  Robbie Parlett

On Saturday April 4th, the Speed Unlimited ET Series took to the MIR quarter mile to kickoff the 2014 bracket racing season. After a long, cold winter, many racers were making their 2014 debuts, with new cars and combinations to be found all around the pits. With all the new hardware around, Royce Miller opted to allow all racers to get a bonus time run, to help everyone work out the kinks. At the end of the day, current and former track champs reigned supreme yet again, as they were able to survive round after round to take home the first Irontree Trophies of the season.


In Mod ET and Junior Dragster, the current and defending track champs reigned supreme. Logan Hubbell, the 2013 Junior Dragster champ was the first to claim an Irontree in 2014. He started in round 1 right where he left off last season. He made a great run against Louie Estevez, with a .003 light taking just .010 killing nearly 9 mph at the stripe to move to round two. He made his way to round 4 where he was drawn for the bye to semifinals. He would be joined in the semifinals by Camden Long and Jacob Mattera. Camden was able to overcome a massive starting line disadvantage against Adrianna Estevez. Long missed the tree with a .190 light but Adrianna killed just a little too much at the stripe getting just .008 behind giving the win to Long. Jacob Mattera, who in round 3 put together a .010 package, was again on his game as this time he posted a .027package to take down a red-lighting Trey Linassi. In the semifinals, Camden was drawn for the bye, pair Hubbell and Mattera. Logan missed the tree with a .076 light but picked up the automatic win after Jacob turned it way red. All in all, it was a good day for Mattera who was debuting a new motor after his motor from last season was stolen over the winter. In the final, things were settled quickly. Camden was set on kill on the tree, but pushed a little too hard turning it -.014 red handing the automatic win to Hubbell. With the win, Hubbell got out to a quick start at securing a spot in The Dash, hoping to repeat as track champ in 2014.


In Mod ET, Jake Milstead made it two in a row. Milstead won the last race of the year last year to clinch the championship and then came back in 2014 without missing a step. Milstead was .013, 027 and .035 in the first three rounds to make it to the quarterfinals. In the quarter’s, he faced off with Renzie Poe. Poe missed the tree big time with a .194 light. Jake was .051 on the tree and was able to run more than tenth over the dial to easily move on to the semifinals. Next up, Brian McLaughlin faced off with Bradley Tippett. McLaughlin had been on his game on the tree in the first 3 rounds, posting a .005, .020 and .025, but against Tippett he left a little too early turning it red and handing the automatic win to Bradley. The final semifinalist was Joseph Jones, who soloed his way to the semifinals. Milstead got pulled for the bye to the final, pairing Jones and Tippett. Jones had .015 off the line with a .032 light, but tried to squeeze it up just a little too tight at stripe getting just .004 behind while running nearly a tenth over his dial. Milstead got back in the groove on the tree on his bye run, posting a .015 light and a 10.264 on his free pass. Even after running a 10.26, Milstead rolled to the line in the final dialed a 10.32 to Tippett’s 10.51. As they passed the tree, Milstead had once again cut the tree down with a .006 light to Tippett’s .042. Milstead had plenty to kill at the stripe, holding a handful of numbers and was able to get to the stripe just .017 in front of Tippett who couldn’t quite run the number. With the win, Milstead got a quick jump on the Mod ET field at qualifying for The Dash.


In Top ET, Dale Smith, the 2009 MIR Speed Unlimited Series Champ got his season off on the right foot. Without any testing, Dale rolled out of the trailer and made it all the way to the winner’s circle at the end of the night. After making it through the first 3 rounds, Dale found himself paired with the reigning Top ET champ, Bobby Spence in round 4. Dale strapped a .008 light on the defending champ. At the stripe, Spence got there first but had to break out doing so, handing the automatic win the Smith, sending him to the semifinals. Other round 4 matchups saw Rickey Nelson survive against Robbie Parlett. Parlett had .027 in the bank as they left the line, but he killed too much at the stripe, getting behind by .001. Will Kivett then faced off with Jerry Langley. Kivett made a nice lap with a .008 light, running dead-on 7 for a .015 package which bettered Langley’s .029 light. Finally, Lindy Herman knocked off Mickey Nelson. Both drivers were “double-oh” on the tree, but Mickey was -.003 red, sending Herman to the semifinals in his 7.0’s American dragster. In the semifinals, Dale Smith was paired with Rickey Nelson, another matchup of former track champs. Dale was .022 on the tree to Nelson’s .049 but the race over shortly after that. Nelson lost the transmission in his car early in the run, allowing Dale to easily cruise to the final. After a lengthy cleanup, Lindy Herman and Will Kivett finally faced off. Herman was .006 on the tree for the second round in a row but had troubles down track running nearly two tenths over his dial, giving Kivett the easy round win. In the final, Kivett left the line with a .011 advantage over Dale Smith. Down track, Smith had troubles which made it look like an easy win for Kivett, but Kivett didn’t kill quite enough, breaking out .008 while Dale Smith slowed to a 7.63 on his 7.46 dial, picking up the first Top ET Irontree of the season. With the win, Dale was the third track champ to visit the winner’s circle on opening day.


The lone class winner of the day that can’t claim a past track championship was Jeff Sweeney in Motorcycle. Sweeney, who finished third in the points last year made it past some tough competition to find himself in the winner’s circle at the end of the night. After turning it red in round 1 to Kenny Colbert, Sweeny got back on his game in re-entry knocking off the always tough Donald Hanshaw who was track champ in 2008. Sweeney redeemed himself in a rematch with Colbert in round 2. This time he left green, posting a .012 light against Colbert’s .088 to easily move to round 3. Three of the 5 riders left in round 3 were former track champs. Defending champ, Mike Schulz was hoping to continue the trend of reigning champs winning on opening day when he lined up with Shayne Proctor. Schulz survived a tough race, with his .043 package besting Shayne’s .049 light. Next up, Sweeney took on Wally Davis. This race was over quickly when Davis went way red, -.068, handing Sweeney the automatic bid to the semifinals. The 2012 champ, Jimmie Miller III soloed his way to the semifinals. Sweeney was drawn for the bye, pitting the two most recent champs, Schulz and Miller against each other. Schulz, who had been consistent all day, pushed the tree a little too hard turning it -.007 red ending his shot the race win. He did prove his consistency on the track, running his 4th 8.95 ET in a row, proving to everyone his championship last year was no fluke. On his bye run, Sweeney tightened up his game, posting a -.002 light, while running a perfect 9.100 on his 9.10 dial. In the final, Jimmie Miller fell victim to the red light, which plagued Motorcycle eliminations all day. Jeff Sweeney cruised to the easy race win, and even though the season is just getting started, the points earned day 1 are just as valuable as the ones earned at the end of the season. With the win, Sweeney placed himself in prime position to contend for the 2014 title.

Next up for the Speed Unlimited ET Series, Mod ET racers have two big money races this weekend at the East Coast Door Wars featuring $2,000 to win on Saturday and Sunday in Mod. Then the entire Speed Unlimited ET Series returns to MIR on April 19th.






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