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Q.   I have children attending an event with me, do I have to pay for them?

A.   Children under 5 are always admitted free.  Select events have an admission fee for children 6-11 as well as juniors 12-15.  Please check the event flyer or the special event schedule on this website for actual pricing.  This policy is up to the ticket sellers discretion.  If you have a child that looks older than he/she actually is, you can bring an ID card that shows their date of birth (i.e. minor identification card, birth certificate, etc.).

Q.   Can I bring alcohol to the raceway?

A.  Yes, beer only is permitted with no more than one six pack of cans per person.  No glass bottles of any kind are permitted on track property.

Q.   What is MDIR's policy on coolers?

A.  Coolers that are 14" wide or less are permitted anywhere on track property.  Any cooler over that size will not fit in the measuring boxes at the entrance gates and therefore cannot be brought in.  This policy is strictly enforced for the room and comfort of other fans in the grandstands.

Q.   Can spectators bring in motorized transportation?

A.  No ATV's, scooters or golf carts are permitted to come in from the spectator parking areas.  This policy is strictly enforced for your safety and the safety of other guests, children, racers and their personal property.

Q.   Are pets allowed at MDIR?

A.  YES!   Pets are allowed at MDIR.  There are only a few restrictions regarding your pet.  Pets are not allowed in restricted areas or in the grandstands.  Under no circumstances may you release your pet from its leash.  You must supervise your pet at all times - no leaving it unattended.  If your pet shows any aggression towards other pets, people, children or personal property, you will be asked to remove your pet from the track.

Q.   Does MDIR accept credit cards?

A.  Yes, MDIR accepts Visa and Mastercard.

Q.   If I attend an event and the race is cancelled due to weather conditions, what do I do?

A.  Make sure you keep the ticket that you received at the entrance gates.  That ticket is valued at the admission price for that day (unless pro-rated due to late rainout) and is your only proof of purchase.  Keep it in a safe place, and you can use it at any MDIR event in the future.  Rainchecks do not expire.

If you purchased a race entry, you must keep your ticket that you received at the entrance gates.  This is your raincheck.  The ticket indicates the class, amount paid, date and time of purchase regarding your paid entry.  Keep it in a safe place, and you can use it at any MDIR event in the future.  Rainchecks do not expire.  If you lose this ticket, you have lost your raincheck entry.    This only applies to events that are rainchecked.  If an event is rained out and purses are split, then the ticket retains no raincheck value.





Q.   What is "Elim?"

A.   "Elim" stands for Eliminations.  This is when time runs and qualifying are completed, and we are into the competition portion of the event.  On most of our special events, sportsman eliminations begin earlier in the day than what is posted in the event flyers - the special event flyers state when the Pro Eliminations begin.  The Pro eliminations (or "start of the show") are shown as Elim on all of the event flyers.

Q.   What is the Bogey Program?

A.   The Bogey Program is basically an enhanced time run.  Bogey is usually during the last time run session.  This is how it works.  When the Bogey session is called to the lanes, a track official will collect the bogey entry (usually $5.00 to enter) in the designated lanes and note the car number.  The racer then predicts their E.T. just as they would do in eliminations and puts their dial-in on their vehicle.  Once the session has started, the system is in qualifying mode for Bogey (reaction AND dial-in),  It will qualify the best package and the winner will receive half of the money collected.  The other half of the money goes towards the Racer's Fund.    This is how the system qualifies:  If Racer A has a .521 light and runs a 10.371 on a 10.31 dial, his package would be .082, or 82 thousandths.  If Racer B has a .515 light and runs a 12.498 on a 12.35 dial, his package would be .163, or 163 thousandths.  Racer A's .082 package is less than Racer B's .163 package, and therefore Racer A would be the winner.  Of course, this is an example of only two racers, most racers in the class usually opt to participate in the bogey.  Even though dial-ins are used for this enhanced time run session, there is no handicap on the tree.  Handicap starts are only used in eliminations.

Q.   Does MDIR utilize the AutoStart system?

A.   YES!    The Compulink AutoStart system is incorporated into every class that is run at MDIR, from Sportsman to Pro.  This system starts the tree automatically when the Compulink senses two fully staged vehicles so the starter can concentrate more on the track and conditions of the race.   Here's how it works: when the system sees both cars prestaged and ONE of the cars staged, it starts a timer (actual length of timer is class specific, please inquire with the tower for the timer length in your particular class). If the second car does not enter the staging beams within the timer's parameters, a redlight is activated for that car. This redlight will NOT be negotiated under any circumstance. Remember, the system needs to see three lights before it starts the timer - two prestages and a stage. Don't try to burn down your opponent.

Q.   Does MDIR have a radio station?

A.  YES!   It's WMIR 89.9 Fm.  You can hear everything that is going on right from your radio on the track property.

Q.   If I need fuel or nitrous, can I get it at the track?

A.  YES!   We sell a wide variety of race fuels at MDIR - click here for current types and prices.  We also fill nitrous bottles, have waste oil dump locations, water, air and a weighing station for your vehicle.

Q.   Are barbecues allowed on track property?

A No barbecues are allowed in the pit area. This includes parking lots, show areas and other common areas. This ruling comes from the St. Mary's County Fire Marshall and Wisenberg Insurance. Small hibachi type grills are permitted in certain areas (for hospitality information contact the MDIR Office).

Q.   Does MDIR have a scale to weigh my car?

A.  Yes, we have a permanent scale on the pit side of the facility that you are welcome to use at any event at no cost.

Q.   I need to ship a package to a racer during an event.  What do I do?
A.  All you need to do is address the package as follows:
Maryland Int'l Raceway
27861 Budds Creek Road
Mechanicsville, MD  20659

All racer shipments received are logged in on a tracking list.  The racer must then present a photo I.D. and sign for their package.



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