Rich Christensen To Host Armdrop Bikes at MIR!

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Rich Christensen will award this A-1 Cycles Custom Bobber
to one lucky racer on October 4th!

Here is the latest from Rich Christensen on the exciting, action packed October 3-5th Armdrop Bike / MIROCK weekend. First, the Custom Bobber built exclusively for the event by A-1 Cycles (in West Palm Beach, Florida) has been completed and is on its way to MIR. This awesome machine will be awarded to some lucky racer on Saturday October 4th.

So here’s what Rich has in store for the weekend. On Friday, MIR will hold an exclusive Test & Tune open only to bikes entered in the ArmDrop / MIROCK event. Gates will open at 6:00 pm and the test session will be from 6:30 – 11:00 pm. There will also be one optional qualifying time run session for Street ET and Pro ET starting at 9:00 pm. Rich will be there on Friday night scouting for racers and looking for story lines; so we strongly suggest that everyone try to make Friday night to get parked, teched and get some additional track time. Admission for Friday night is $10 per person and a test session tech card is $20 (includes admission).

On Saturday, gates will open at 8:00 am and there will be a riders meeting with Rich at 9:00 am in the grandstand beside the tower that all riders need to attend. We will start qualifying time trials for Pro ET/Quick 32, Street ET, Grudge and Pro classes immediately after the meeting. Due to the large field of bikes pre-entered, there will only be time for one session of qualifying time runs before filming of the TV Pilots start at 1:00 pm. The first TV pilot will be an exciting mix of PINKS All Out and PINKS Lose Your Race Lose your Ride, except you have nothing to lose and a chance to win the awesome A-1 Cycles Custom Bobber. Here is the plan as of the writing of this press release (those of us that know Rich know to never say “definitely” to anything). Just like PINKS All Out, the closest group of 16 that Rich likes will be selected from both Streetbike and Pro ET. Then Rich will arm drop these two fields down to a final. Rich will then interview the two finalists in each class, choosing one pair for an original PINKS style racing, with a first to 4 wins rider negotiating between runs. The remaining pair will be ready as back up should the first pair not be able to finish a best 4 out of 7 race. The first racer to win 4 runs will be awarded the one of a kind A-1 Cycles Custom Bobber.

The second TV Pilot will be for the fearless of racers, a race that only Rich Christensen could conceive, “Wheelie Drags”. Yes, you read it right…Wheelie Drags!! Rich will put a cone at about the 100’ mark and another at about 400’. It’s a drag race to the finish line, but with a big twist. You have to have the wheels up (at a 45 degree angle) by the first cone and keep them up until you pass the second cone – then it’s a wheels down race to the finish line! There will be one session to qualify the quickest 16. Then Rich will eliminate the 16 riders as only Rich can do, everything is negotiable the distance of the cones, links, nitrous everything. $2,000 cash will be going to the winner and a chance to be a hero on national TV.

We will run a second qualifying session for the Pro and Grudge bikes in between the first and second episode. Then right after the completion of filming for the two episodes, we will run the final time run / qualifying session for all classes. Currently, there are no changes in the pre-announced program for Sunday (with Pro ET, Street ET and Quick 32 running for double purses). So all racers should make every effort to be at the track on Friday so they’re ready to go early Saturday morning for what will ultimately be motorcycle drag racing history!  If you have not yet purchased your entry or know of a fellow racer that still needs to, you need to do it immediately. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this historic event.

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The mastermind behind PINKS, PINKS ALL OUT, Pass Time and Drag Race High is at it again! And YOU could be a part of television history! Rich Christensen, host, creator and executive producer of the aforementioned shows will be at MIR Saturday October 4th to tape not one, but TWO pilot television shows! Racers show up and show us your skills. Maybe YOU will be picked to be in one of the pilot episodes!