Wheel & Deal Your Way to Big Money at the 2nd Annual 10K-2k Poker Bash on August 20-21

The surprise hit of 2010, the 10K-2K Poker Bash on Saturday and Sunday, August 20-21 will again feature a huge jackpot each day of $10,000 to win in Top ET plus $2,000 to win in Mod ET! This race will be run on the 1/8 mile and points will be in effect both days for Top, Mod and Junior (Motorcycle points are on Saturday only).

In addition to the big bucks you can win on the track, we’ll also have a fun $1,000 to win Poker Contest both days that anyone can enter for just $10 a hand (all racers will receive one free hand with their driver ticket)! This will be a three round contest where participants are dealt one hand of poker at the contest tent set up in the midway. Anyone that has 2 pair or better in first round advances to round two. Later in second round, all contestants are dealt a new hand with 2 pair or better advancing to the final. Then in the final round a new hand is dealt and the best hand wins $1,000 in cash! But you got to enter to win; all monies collected will go to and benefit the Racers Fund.