Crowd Pleasing “Last Man Standing” Format Returns to War on Wheels Events

The popular War on Wheels Wednesday nights were even better last year with the exciting Pro Mod “Last Man Standing”. The last War on Wheels of the season had a record 19 Pro Mods going to battle for the $5,000 to win purse. For this year, the always popular Fox Hunt (with all ladies admitted free) and the 1/4 mile Test & Tune will remain the same (no Gambler’s Race). The “Last Man Standing” Grudge format for Pro Mods features no qualifying – just line ’em up and go to WAR!

The Last Man Standing in Pro Mod Grudge will get $5,000 to win, runner up $1,000 and each 3rd round loser $500.  This unique, new format is different than anything ever held at MIR before. The race will be run on the 1/8 mile and there will be no qualifying and only one shakedown run opportunity at 6pm during each event. Then, starting at 7:30pm the racers will be called to the lanes and randomly paired with a deck of cards. This random pairing will be done the same for the first three rounds. However, in the 3rd round if there are more than four cars left, only the two quickest winning cars will go to the final. To be the “Last Man Standing” you will need a fast car, a grudge game face and a little luck to boot! Race fans, place your wager on who you think has what it takes to be the “Last Man Standing!”

The War on Wheels event debuts on Wednesday, June 5th, followed by Wednesday, July 10th and then the final WOW will be on Wednesday, August 14th. Remember, all ladies are free on all three of these events.