Jason Miller (Event Director of MIR) wanted to share some info on how the track is prepped on MIR’s Test & Tunes

I get asked all the time how is the track prep on MIR’s Test & Tunes?

Just to clear up any confusion…

We ALWAYS prep the full 1/4 mile on our Test & Tunes at MIR!

There is no sense coming to a Test & Tune if the track is not prepped for race day type conditions, and you can actually test your car on the same type race that you see on another event that you are racing in. That is the Miller Family Motto anyways.

Just ask the Drag Radial racers and Pro Mod racers that come to MIR on Test & Tunes and they will tell you why they come to MIR to test.

We run our Test & Tune cars, then our No Time cars and then Pro Tree cars and then Bikes and Juniors.

When we run Pro Tree cars we split them into 1/8 mile groups and 1/4 mile groups. We run the Pro Mods and Outlaw 10.5 cars first after dragging and then do our drag radial prep and send down the radial cars. That way everyone gets what track they need.

It’s only $30 to test and tune, and $15 per crew.

Test & Tunes are from 10am-6pm on Sundays, check schedule on mirdrag.com to see dates. If you arrive at 9am-10am to get in line and get unloaded and head straight to tech you can generally get one or two runs in on the open session and then get another 3 or 4 runs in at least during the other sessions. That is a great deal for just $30.

Bring your Pro Mods, Outlaw 10.5 cars, Radial Cars, street cars, bracket cars, bikes, and juniors!

So please help spread the word so there is no confusion, that MIR does a full track prep like every race day on all Test & Tunes. Some tracks may not, but we are not that type of racetrack. My father and I are Ex racers and know what racers want. At MIR we ALWAYS prep the full 1/4 mile on Test & Tunes! We always have, and always will!

Thank you,
Jason Miller