XTreme Game Experience Coming to MIR!


XTreme Game Experience is bringing the Ultimate Gaming experience to MIR on selected events! This luxury, climate-controlled, limo-style theater on wheels features SEVEN widescreen high-definition TVs, stadium seating, surround sound and is a multiplayer gaming heaven! They have all the latest titles from Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U and Playstation 3.

The XTreme Game Experience will be at MIR on all three Wednesday night War on Wheels events (June 5, July 10 & Aug 14) plus three Speed Unlimited Midnight Madness events (June 28, August 9 & September 13).

In addition to the awesome gaming experience, MIR will be sponsoring a free Open Competition with trophies awarded to the winners during all six of the scheduled events. On the three War on Wheels events, we will be having a special Ladies Dance Contest on the “Just Dance 4” video game title. These competitions will be held on the outside screens of the theater for everyone to see. So ladies, practice up and be ready to show off your moves. More details on the Xtreme Game Experience will be posted soon.