Autofab Race Cars Raider ET Challenge Rescheduled to Oct 11-12 at MIR

The twice weather cancelled Autofab Race Cars Raider ET Challenge at Virginia Motorsports Park has been rescheduled to October 11-12th at Maryland International Raceway.  There just was not a date available in VMP’s schedule to complete the event without going into late November.  The decision was made to finish the series on October 11-12th at MIR – which already had a Saturday and Sunday Speed Unlimited ET series double-header weekend scheduled.

The MIR Dash Playoff points and the Southern Maryland Outlaw Top Sportsman Series will be held as previously scheduled. So mark your calendars for the three great Autofab Raider ET Series weekends at MIR on Aug 9-10, September 6-7 and October 11-12th!

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Special Note from Royce Miller

When considering the rescheduling options, all three tracks looked at their schedules to try and find an available date that did not conflict with ET points races at the other partner tracks.  While Virginia Motorsports Park did have a couple of possible dates on their schedule, those dates conflicted with the ET Points races at the other partner tracks.  A special thanks goes out to Richmond Dragway and Virginia Motorsports Park for their selfless consideration for what was best for the overall series.