Wheel & Deal Your Way to Big Money at the 4th Annual 10K-2k Poker Bash on August 17-18

The ever popular 10K-2K Poker Bash on Saturday and Sunday, August 17-18 will again feature a huge jackpot each day of $10,000 to win in Top ET plus $2,000 to win in Mod ET. This race will be run on the 1/8 mile and points will be in effect both days for Top, Mod, Motorcycle and Junior.

In addition to the big bucks you can win on the track, we’ll also have a fun $1,000 to win Poker Contest both days that anyone can enter for just $10 a hand (all racers will receive one free hand with their driver ticket). This will be a three round contest where participants are dealt one hand of poker at the contest tent set up in the midway. Anyone that has 2 pair or better in first round advances to round two. Later in second round, all contestants are dealt a new hand with 2 pair or better advancing to the final. Then in the final round a new hand is dealt and the best hand wins $1,000 in cash. But you have to enter