Start Recruiting Now for the 4th Annual Team Challenge


“Pick me… PICK Me…PICK ME!” Just like the kids in the sandbox, it’s time for us to have some fun. On Saturday, June 29th, we’re going to have our 4th annual Speed Unlimited ET Series Team Challenge to shake up the series. Teams will consist of eight members each and can be any combination of Top, Mod, Motorcycle and/or Junior Dragster racers.

Once you have your team set, just pick a team name (one that can be said over the PA of course) and come up to the tower to register where you will be given decals to put on every car in your team. Then, each time a driver in your team turns on a win light, your team will earn one point!

The entry fee will be $20 per member; so every team that signs up will be contributing $160 to the pot – which will add up very quickly! Keep in mind too that this challenge is 100% payback; the winning team will get 70% of the loot and the runner-up team will get 30%. So start drafting your team today, it’s going to be a blast!

For the 2012 Team Challenge, climbing all the way to the top was team “Womp & Stomp” comprised of Steve Cross Sr (Mod), Kelly Clontz (Motorcycle), Matt Smith (Top), Dale Smith (Top), Candi Derry (Top), Chelsea Derry (Top), Bobby Spence (Top) and Will Kivett (Top).