2014 Autofab Raider ET Series Points Battles Shaping Up

This past weekend, MIR hosted the 3rd of 4 two race weekends for the 2014 Autofab Racecars Raider ET Series. The event, which draws cars from all around the DC, Richmond area, is the biggest big money bracket series in the Mid Atlantic. More than 440 different racers have participated in the 6 events held thus far over all three classes. This past weekend, with threatening weather forecasted for Saturday afternoon and evening, the plan was set that any racing that was unable to be completed, would be run on Sunday. But before that could even be considered, many racers showed up early on Friday night to take their shot at collecting some quick cash in some Hi-Roller races.

As usual, there were two different Top ET Hi-Rollers. The $200 entry fee race found Marty Dabney collecting the winner’s prize. Dabney, driving his black Vega, knocked off Andy Lloyd at 4 cars when Lloyd turned it -.006 red. Then in the final, he once again found himself the beneficiary of a red-light, this time Richard Jelich went -.009 red; handing Marty the easy win. In the $100 entry Top ET race, Jeffrey Jones faced off with Robert Jones for the big money. Both racers have been hot all season with Jeffrey entering the weekend with the 1/8th mile points lead at MIR and the Raider points lead as well. Robert has already claimed a huge win this year, taking home the Rick’s Jewelers Ring for the Queen a few weeks back. In this race, Jeffrey laid down a .012 package, his second .012 package in a row, to pick up the win over Robert Jones who had a very nice .018 package, but had no chance with his .013 light. Mod and Juniors also ran for some quick cash on Friday night as well. Chris Saulnier was able to overcome a holeshot to pick up the win over MIR heavy hitter, Bobby Mattera. Bobby was .018 on the tree to Saulnier’s .031, but at the stripe, Saulnier was dead-on 1, as Bobby took a little too much stripe, breaking out .006 taking .020 In his hard charging Opel. In the Junior Hi-Roller, two MIR regulars, Willy Hess Jr. and Robert Estevez, faced off in the final. Both racers were .019 on the tree in the semifinal, but both missed their mark in the final. Robert got a big holeshot with a .073 light to Willy’s uncharacteristically late .108. At the stripe, both racers broke out, but Robert was able to survive, breaking out just -.001. For Estevez, Saulnier, Jones and Dabney, their pockets were already lined heading into the weekend. For the rest of the racers, everyone had their eyes set on the big cash prizes to be claimed Saturday and Sunday.